The Prosperity Game

In other words, make out a $1,000.00 check deposit entry into your checkbook register, then write out checks and spend those dollars. You can spend your money all in one place, using one check, or you can spend it for several different things, using several different checks. (Make some copies of one of your blank checks to use:)) The point of this game is to have fun thinking about what you would like to purchase, and to enjoy the process of actually writing out the checks.

Be descriptive on the memo portion of the check. For example: For a beautiful writing pen…

On the second day, deposit $2,000.00. On the third day $3,000.00. On the fourth day $4,000.00. When you reach day 50, deposit $50,000.00. When you reach day 300, deposit $300,000.00. If you play this game for one year, you will have deposited and spent more than $66 million.

You will be benefiting by increasing your ability to imagine.

The universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of Attraction. By shifting yourself into non-resistance you are in a state of allowing.

Not only will you benefit financially, but all manner of things you have focused upon with pleasure will begin to flow into your experience.

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