News Worthy

News Worthy

News Worthy includes five short stories:

The Snake in the Cereal

The Fire in the Mountains

The Man with the Bugs

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus

Bats, Cats, and Wildlife

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Surrounded by the news lately? Have you seen many strange news clips on the same day? I couldn’t help but put those daily clips together into five short stories. Enjoy!

The Snake in the Cereal

Lindsey just wanted a divorce from her abusive ex, but Jason wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. Pushed over the edge she decides to take matters into her own hands. How far will Lindsey go before she gets what she wants?

The Fire in the Mountains

Martha and Carl don’t have the best relationship, but Carl does love his wife

. It’s too bad Martha loves her food more than anything else in life. She loves to cook and eat so much that she ignores all of the warning signs telling her she is in danger, including Carl.

The Man with the Bugs

Jerry’s been waiting for his trial for what seems like forever now. He knows he shouldn’t be incarcerated, but the damn phone company handed his records over to the police leaving him sitting in his 6 by 8-foot cell….

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus

It’s crunch time. The Democrats versus the Republicans. Both parties are almost ready to give their speeches to the American voters and both parties want to make it into the White House, but Mother Nature has another plan in store for them…

Bats, Cats, and Wildlife

All Zetha has is her cats, at least that’s what she would like to believe. When her kittens disappear, the events that follow turn her whole existence upside down forcing her to realize what is most important in her life.

Excerpt: From The Snake in the Cereal

Lindsey held up the restraining order again, letting her eyes scan over the paper.

“That Bastard! He’s the one who started the war between us! And he took a restraining order out on me!”

“I’ll show him,” she smirked. “He’ll wish he never messed with me!”

She glanced at the calendar, then the clock. Friday night, he should be out all weekend with at least one of his female friends if not four or five. A smile curved over her lips as she rummaged through her dresser drawer and pulled out a key. She’d led him to believe she’d given them all back and he was way to egotistical to change the locks on his doors. After all, who would dare break into his “mansion on the hill.” He did have a nice house with a pool she thought, but it was a far cry from a “mansion.”

Argh! She couldn’t believe she married that psycho. Always telling her one thing, but really means the complete opposite. Putting her down every chance he got, expecting her to do his bidding all of the time. Talk about mental abuse. She could never do anything right in his eyes. Then she found out he was cheating. When she showed him proof, the pictures, what did he do? He denied it, accused her of cheating, and totaled her vehicle. He locked her out of the house. He wouldn’t let her in to get her clothes, her make-up, or even her toothbrush.

She finally got the divorce papers in order. Her lawyer finally served him. Instead of signing the forms he gets a restraining order on her. On her?!

She took a deep breath, poured herself some brandy and glanced at the clock again. A slow grin spread over her face. It would be dark soon. Jason would be hanging out at his regular haunts. She would have a surprise waiting for him when he returned.

She warned him not to screw with her. She’d been nice up until now. Now he would pay. If she had her way he would sign the damn papers after tonight and leave her the hell alone.

She yanked an outfit from the closet. Man, she loved the color black. She changed, tossed back the last of the brandy for courage and walked to her car.


“Ah, my little pet,” Lindsey sighed, stepping through the door into Mouse’s room. The area was elaborately decorated with plants in every corner, a plastic tree for Mouse to climb, water, rat cages, and Mouse’s very own litter box.

Reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars A thrilling anthology with a twisted sense of humor

By O.D. Book Reviews on July 27, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Description:
This book is a collection of 5 short stories inspired by strange news clips. The short story describes some wild event and then is followed by a ‘breaking news’ scene where a reporter describes what happened. This clarifies some of what really happened in the mysterious, ambiguous and shocking scene you just witnessed.In Short: This is an interesting twist on news headlines with a macabre sense of humor. If you like fictional short stories that are a bit on the dark side you will enjoy this anthology. The stories range from getting revenge via snakes, to wildfires, bugs under the skin, a hoarder being attacked by the danger she created in her own home, and even a bad batch of cannabis that creates zombies.Pros:
These stories are really unique and well written. Even though I’m totally phobic of snakes and found the snake story to be unsettling it was probably my favorite. I loved the big snake’s character and the comical outcome of the story. My family also recently lost their house in a wildfire so you could say that short story hit home for me. I still enjoyed it and thought the ending was simultaneously shocking and humorous in a twisted way. I thought the stories were darkly comical and easy to imagine happening in real life. I found this book to be really entertaining and unlike anything I have read before. It made for a quick fun read. Cons:
Some of the stories have an air of mystery to them that made me a little confused, still a great read.

Parent’s Guide:
Overall clean language and not too intense as far as violence and horror goes. Some possible triggers for the topics of fire, bulimia, there is a child molester character, mild drug reference without graphic drug use (people turned into zombies from tainted cannabis), and there are some deaths in this book. I didn’t think it was too scary or graphic and I think it’s safe for most adolescents

The Snake in the Cereal: A wife just wants a simple divorce from her abusive husband. When she don’t get what she wants, she turns to a her hubby’s pet Boa Constrictor. She takes matters into her own hands.

The Fire in the Mountains: Martha is a purging food fool…seems to be the only important thing in her life. Cooking – Eating – Purging. When a fire breaks out and her husband begs her to leave with him, will she leave or pick her food addiction ??

The Man with the bugs: Jerry is insane, in prison and on suicide watch. He has a strong dislike for bugs and germs. He is 58 and likes boys under the age of 20. He is a small cell waiting for trial …

Cannabis Cannibalism vs the West Nile Virus: Politics vs mother nature. When it comes down the wire who will win ??

Bats, Cats and wildlife: Zetha loves her cats. Her cats are her everything. . . until something goes array …I giggled and utter WOW a few times reading these 5 short stories. Just when you think you have not heard it all you get to read stories like these. By far my favorite would have to be “The Snake in the Cereal”  Who doesn’t love a good revenge story! ! By Theresa F  5 stars Wende

Rating: *****

Review: Having read a few works by Lynn Thompson I had high hopes for News Worthy, and this didn’t disappoint. Like Lynn Thompson’s other collection it has a central theme. The other two were horror and madness, this collection seems to focus on news worthy events.

The first story The Snake in the Cereal I found to be very humorous as well as quite dark. The divorced wife turns out not to be the killer even though she suspect she was and she tried hard to piss him off, but the killer turns out to be her pet snake who her ex-husband was keeping. I laughed a lot especially at the reaction of the wife after finding out her ex-husband was dead. And even the snake as an animal with no real scene time or dialogue is an amazing addition and was a great start to this collection.

I did really connect with The Fire in the Mountains, yes it can be considered a news worthy event, but it was scary or creepy. The emotion this story seems to bring forth is sadness, the sadness of a community, the sadness and grief of a husband for his cremated wife in a mountain fire.

The Man with the Bugs really caught my attention for it ambiguous nature. Do the bugs represent the underage boys he raped or is he just mad, we will never know but it was a fun fast read.

Cannabis Cannibalism -vs- The West Nile Virus is my favorite story in this collection, it combines some of my favorite sub-genres of horror including freak-weather and cannibalism, but it focuses mainly around politics and the death of some major politicians. I absolutely loved the way it was writing with the location skipping and the different points of view as well as some outside information for the news casters reporting on the situations (weather, politics and cannibalism).

The final story in this collection Bats, Cats, and Wildlife work the angle of the crazy cat lady. Zetha is looking for some lost kittens which can be hard to find when you have 53 cats running around your dirty home as well as skunks and raccoons. But Zetha problem in this story comes from the hoard of bats nesting in her attic.

Overall this collection has been my favorite out of the three short story collections Lynn Thompson has written and I am looking forward to reading her novels. Jodie Cook

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