Dark Fates

Dark Fates

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Dark Fates includes eight short stories:

Just in time for nightfall, fun, but still on the dark side.


Wrong Number, Dwarfs Eve, Tavern Cat, Ghostly Wanderings

The Devil in Disguise, Te Amo, Shadow Man, Karma

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Wrong Number

Valerie’s insomnia is getting worse. Every time she closes her eyes darkness surrounds her and something scary lurks in its wake. If she doesn’t get sleep soon she’ll go crazy, but can she face her dream filled fears?

Dwarfs Eve

Amber, Derrick, Lydia, and Josh visit the cemetery on Halloween night under the full moon. Amber’s gut instinct tells her not to go, but she never could say no to Derrick…

Tavern Cat

The local tavern was Ranald’s second home, until one night he didn’t show. The bartender gets worried about him. After visiting the sick old man at his home, the bartender is convinced that once the Scot is better he will be back to warm his favorite barstool…

Ghostly Wanderings

Bar fights, ghosts, and Summer… Harry doesn’t realize this will be his last night alive. If he’d only changed his ways before the beginning of the evening things might have been different, but Harry was out to have some fun…

The Devil in Disguise

Pete puffed out his chest to try and show some enthusiasm. The last time and only time he fought he almost killed the guy because of his size. But this man was entrancing his woman, along with all of the others and the women either didn’t seem to notice or didn’t care…

Te Amo

Victoria’s restaurant is booming and all it took was a couple of spells; unfortunately, the church down the hill is not happy with her or her methods of success. Victoria is surprised and not prepared at how far they will go to close her down and run her out of town.

Shadow Man

Killian had heard the rumors about this place being haunted but was hard-pressed to believe them. At least not until this night, working graveyard shift…


Belle is on a mission to keep bad karma in its place. Katrina wants to play and Lori’s stuck in the middle without realizing it. Can Lori fix her karma before Belle has to fix it for her?

Excerpt: From Karma Belle growled. Great, she couldn’t wait to get to work tomorrow and clean up after Lori, along with the other work she had to do. She let out a deep breath and tried to release the grudge she was holding onto. Why she even bothered she didn’t know. Actually, she did, she was hoping the girl would clean up her act before karma came to get her.

She’d been on this plane for 40 years now and was tired of humankind. The majority of the people she met were selfish. They were liars and cheaters. They could care less about anyone but themselves. People loved to offer their services but when push came to shove they were rarely there.

She rubbed her fingers together watching the flames appear on her fingertips. Oh well, in reality, she worked for him. She did what she was told. She smiled. What she could do if she decided to take some vengeance. She let the flame extinguish. Vengeance was not for her to decide, that was his call. And when he made his call she brought down the karma.


A fun group of scary short stories.  Each one is original and spooky in its own way.  From the insomniac to the prison guard to the old-timer who just doesn’t want to let go of his seat at the bar, Ms. Thompson successfully takes us to different locations and pulls us into to her cast-of-characters disturbing lives. The book is short and would be fun to read out loud at a Halloween party. By DrewPartyof4 

This collection of short stories were really good, just enough realism to make you think, it could happen, Good read. By Alice Spencer

Dark Fates is made up of 7 short stories. Each has its own twist on scary. It starts with a gal being haunted by a ghost to ghost in a prison tower. Each story will hold your attention waiting to see how it turns out! The writer does a wonderful job with the characters and the plots. My favorite would have to be The Tavern Cat. Could these stories really happen . . . for that you will have to read and find out! By Theresa F  5 stars Wende

5 Stars Terrifying!

This is a collection of creepy short stories, each one is uniquely terrifying and creepy in its own way. You can feel your heartbeat throughout the stories, and when you finish the last story, you go back and read it again, from “Wrong number” to “Karma”. My favorite was the insomniac “Valerie” as anyone who has had lack of sleep can almost feel there is a monster under the bed. Was it truly a “wrong number?” This was a great collection of stories and I will definitely read more of Thompson’s work. (I’ve even redeemed the “free” offer of her Dark Fates: Madness book). Writer Amy Shannon (Blog)

Rating: ***

Review: I have to say despite what this book lacks in length it makes up for in content. It was a pure work of art. It fascinates me how any author can pour months of hard work, imagination although with a generous helping of blood, sweat, and tears and weave it into less than 40 pages. It’s insane!

I also love the fact that Lynn Thompson instead of writing a novella on one story she has written several short stories in the same amount of pages as a novella.

Thompson’s writing is completely me, scary but not gory, but it’s enough to make you think and to make you feel. For example in the first short story, we feel Valerie’s anxiety, your heart pounds into time with hers, it is almost like becoming the character. And this is one of my favorite things about Thompson’s writing she can make you feel as if you are the character and it just makes her writing comes alive and jump off the page at you.

I love the subject matter and how Thompson play on our known and engrained fears like there’s something under your bed, don’t go to the graveyard at night because it’s haunted. It like taking all the things you were afraid of as a child and making you relive that fear until you’re jumping at the slightest sounds or movement and your heart threatens to burst free of your chest.

Thompson also plays on other ideas like a rebirth or being reborn in other forms after we did like in The Tavern’s Cat. I think she writes horror well, but paranormal seems to be her genre. Dark Fates to me seems like her testing the waters to see what genre she writes best, but she writes them all wonderfully.

My favourite story in this short collection was Ghostly Wanderings. It is my favourite because Summer can see the dead and she frequents a bar where the living and dead are all under one roof and uses them as inspiration for her writing, but the way she acts and the fact is made clear she doesn’t care for the living, and it makes you wonder whether she herself is dead or just enamoured with the life beyond this one.

A close second would be the devil in disguise as it plays on the slightly religious story that the devil walks among the living in disguise to lure unsuspecting souls into sin.

All of Lynn Thompson’s story stories have an air of believability about them, even though many of these stories play on imagination and superstitions.

Overall, I really enjoyed these short stories although I felt a few could have been novellas in their own rights like Ghostly Wanderings, Shadow Man and Karma, and a few would even make great novels. I currently have a few works by Lynn Thompson and I can’t wait to get into more of her work. Jodie Cook

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