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 Excerpt: From Karma
Belle growled. Great, she couldn’t wait to get into work tomorrow and clean up after Lori, along with the other work she had to do. She let out a deep breath and tried to release the grudge she was holding onto. Why she even bothered she didn’t know. Actually she did, she was hoping the girl would clean up her act before karma came to get her.

She’d been on this plane for 40 years now and was tired of human kind. The majority of people she met were selfish. They were liars and cheaters. They could care less about anyone but themselves. People loved to offer their services but when push came to shove they were rarely there.

She rubbed her fingers together watching the flames appear on her fingertips. Oh well, in reality she worked for him. She did what she was told. She smiled. What she could do if she decided to take some vengeance. She let the flame extinguish. Vengeance was not for her to decide, that was his call. And when he made his call she brought down the karma.

Dark Fates includes eight short stories:

Wrong Number

Drarfs Eve

The Tavern Cat

Ghostly Wanderings

The Devil in Disguise

Te Amo

Shadow Man



By DrewPartyof4 

  A fun group of scary short stories.  Each one is original and spooky in its own way.  From the insomniac to the prison guard to the old-timer who just doesn’t want to let go of his seat at the bar, Ms. Thompson successfully takes us to different locations and pulls us into to her cast-of-characters disturbing lives. The book is short and would be fun to read out loud at a Halloween party.
  This collection of short stories were really good, just enough realism to make you think, it could happen, Good read

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