Dark Fates-Madness

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Enter a world of love, loss, teenage angst, and betrayal.


One Way Ticket

Teen Spirit

Calla Crossing

Zack’s Promise

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One Way Ticket

Normally Tyra had fun with this ruse, but tonight she couldn’t get into the swing of things. She let Liam take the lead and tried desperately to stay planted in the here and now. Tyra relaxed into Liam’s arms; a deep sense of well-being settled over her. She lightly stroked Liam’s waistline with her fingertips. Liam’s muscles took on a more defined shape under her hands. His lips dropped closer to hers with every step they took. She snuggled into him. Amazingly content she thought about hooking up with Liam, thinking in some sad way she was missing out. She glanced up, ready for a kiss. The face that gazed back at her didn’t belong to Liam. It belonged to him. Tyra’s heart dropped into her stomach, all movement stopped. She wrenched herself free of the arms holding her so intimately and stormed out the front door.

Teen Spirit

Jade studied the hordes of weeping people that herded into the gymnasium. They were all crying because of her. Her lips curled into a sneer as she glanced around for her small group of friends. She couldn’t believe they weren’t here yet. Bored she floated down a couple of bleachers to eavesdrop on a group of her parent’s friends.

Calla Crossing

She sat on the pipeline, feet dangling in the air, hands clinging to the metal cable. Calla waited patiently for Broden to show up. Steadying herself to roll with the bridge in the slight breeze she gazed over the amazing view of the canyon before glancing down. Almost one-hundred feet below the river flowed between the canyon walls. How did she get here? Some days she had a hard time remembering. Some days her memory was crystal clear. Every day, her soul screamed for vengeance.

Today she sat searching her memories, wondering again how she got here.

Zack’s Promise

Zack shook his head to chase the memory away. He’d always had this drive to prove himself to his big brother. He didn’t know why.

The sun sat on the horizon, Zack needed to get home. He sighed and trudged at a snail’s pace along the trail. He never seemed to remember anything good about Isaac. Only bad memories. He’d taken what Isaac said to heart and never tried out for the track team. Maybe he’d try out at the beginning of his junior year. Coach always called him speedy and asked him to join every year, so far. He’d have to get off the anti-depressants, the Xanax, and begin training again. If he could just come up with the willpower, and the energy to do it.

He sighed heavily, remembering his promise to Isaac. The depression pushed down harder on his shoulders. If everything went as planned he wouldn’t be alive long enough to become a Junior.


4 Stars -Short stories are not usually my thing but these were pretty good. Creepy just in time for Halloween. by D.M. (Goodreads)

4 Stars -I received a copy of this in exchange an honest review. Here it is. There are several short stories. I’m not a big fan of short stories, however, these weren’t bad, kind of creepy tho.but there is nothing wrong with that. by Sandy (Goodreads)

Rating: ****

Review: This series of short stories by Lynn Thompson is not as fast paced as the previous series I read but the stories are longer. But I was slightly disappointed there was less of them. She continues with the paranormal theme although these stories are less scary and more paranormal psychological thriller type stories.

The first story One Way Ticket is a bit slow but has an interesting premise. Tyra is a physic and makes money from it, but she can’t escape the energy/ghost of her former lover, who she only refers to as ‘’he’ or ‘him’.

Throughout all this she is extremely confused as she thought he had moved on, he had a new lover and he would have no further need for her, but for some unknown reason he has re-invaded her life and she wants him to stop. From Tyra’s descriptions alone I’m not really sure how to feel about him, in some ways he can be seen as controlling, in others loving, and Tyra feels this same sense of unease and doubt especially when thinking about him. She is also becoming unsure of her gift although it is the way she earns her living.

Tyra’s emotions are constantly up in the air all the time and it’s frustrating as I feel the same. One minute she sad, then angry, then afraid we never know what direction she is going in next.

Tyra is beginning to show physical symptoms of having his energy around her, like the feeling she is suffocating when she is traveling beyond his reach, he has her mental trapped without actually having to be physically present, but this play to Thompson’s paranormal and psychological themes.

The ending of the story was unexpected but to some, it could be seen as predictable. The first story in this collection was slightly disappointing as it could have been shorter but the content was good and the characters likable, but not the best story by Lynn Thompson.

The second story in the collection; Teen Spirit is a lot closer to the first collection in style. But this one is my favourite as it can resonate with a lot of people. It is about teen suicide which is a major problem in today’s society.

As Jade’s spirit wanders around at her wake, she hears and sees the reactions of the people she left behind. It turns out she was part of a suicide pact (which again isn’t uncommon) but by twists of fate the other 3 teenagers didn’t die, Kevin’s OD (overdose) didn’t work as his father replaced his mom’s pills with placebos and Joe’s slashing didn’t work as his brother found him in time and he managed to miss every major organ, and Shelly planned to shoot herself but she couldn’t leave her brother behind for her father to beat to death.

And through this they think Jade would understand when she is actually screaming at them calling them cowards because they were meant to be there with her to keep her company. She holds them responsible as hearing their problems day in day out convinced her to do something she didn’t really want to do and because of that she is alone.

I loved the story was so matter of fact and straight to the point. This is my favourite and the best story in this collection.

The final story makes it clear that the first story kind of sticks out as the remaining 3 tie in together really well. Personally I feel if the first story was removed this collection would be a full 5*’s instead of a 4.

This collection despite the slow start in the first story was again absolutely amazing. Theirs is no doubt in my mind that if Lynn Thompson writes a full length novel I will read it, especially if she takes Teen Spirits or Calla Crossing and makes it a full length novel. There are many novels relating to these genres like Jasmine Warga’s My Heart and other black holes and Lynn Thompson could easily fight for the top spot here as her stories are so believable and I strongly urge everyone to go out and read these stories. Jodie Cook

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