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My guest speaker today is Yasssine Hamou Tahra. Welcome, Yassine! As all of you know I’ve been learning the ins and outs of SEO in my classes and have had to look up information on themes with WordPress. Research can be very time-consuming so this post may be extremely helpful for understanding what you might be looking for in SEO and a WordPress website. (It has graphs and everything:))



One additional second to load a page doesn’t seem to be a lot for the most of us, but as a study shows it can lead to a 7% conversion rate drop and 11% fewer pages seen. That is the reason why performance is a major concern while building a website, it has become one the main axis of user experience improving. On WordPress, many variables drive the site’s performance. One of them is the focus of this infographics from InTrigger, a WordPress plugin. The WordPress themes can seem innocuous, but as InTrigger showed in this comparison of 20 popular WordPress themes’ speed: Theme choosing has a great impact on the website’s load time. This same load time can affect the website position on search pages as search engine take, for several years, sites’ performance in account when ranking them. Sites’ performance can also be a user experience issue as loading time affects users’ behaviours; it’s well known that waiting makes clients less inclined to buy which translates in a turnover loss and potential brand image deterioration. That being said, this infographic can be of crucial help for choosing the theme that best fits your esthetical and technical expectations.

WordPress Themes - Performance and Average Load Time

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