Alabaster Tablet Of LAYLAH

You are protected and guided at all times, especially when you feel uncertain about your course. You are loved.

The Angel Laylah heralds from Talmudic scriptures. Unlike any other angel. She is specifically described as a feminine being. Laylah is a reminder that there is a place only the feminine can fill. If we attempt to live our lives skewed toward the masculine, we will miss out. There is great value in masculine tendencies toward exploration, adventure, progress and development. However, the feminine tendencies toward compassion, acceptance, kindness and mercy are a balancing necessity. For humanity to survive, these dual wisdoms need to find balance and integrate into mature expression in every human heart. The appearance of Laylah in a reading suggests the feminine must lead at this time. Allow the way to be shown, rather than directing a path based on your current perspective.

Laylah is a guardian angel watching over all transitions.

Healing Process:

As you relax and become increasingly aware of your breath flowing in and out, allow yourself to be present in this moment. Let your awareness shift from the daily world to the sacred inner world as you read or listen to the description below.

There is a point of light within your heart. As you notice that light, it rapidly expands, and you feel a sense of love and recognition. You know—without knowing how you know—that this light is a friend from long, long ago. The light becomes a beautiful feminine angel. Her light shines like a gentle sun, and you feel warmed in her presence. She casts her hand and a path appears. It is your path. Can you accept it? Embrace it? Trust it? As you take a step you realize she is with you. Your heart then remembers she has always been with you and shall always be with you.

White Light Oracle @Alana_Fairchild