Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel-Meet the Characters-Montana Dayton

Blake Canvass3 smMontana Dayton

Giggling: “What can I say? I’m not overly fond of being in the spotlight.”

Clears throat: “I’m not sure where to start… I recently won the lottery and decided to invest some of my winnings in small business ventures. In no time flat I had plenty of small businesses knocking down my door.”

Giggling: “Let me backtrack. I have this instinct, it’s hard to explain. I can sense things. Thats why I’m really good at what I do. I know whether the business is going to succeed or fail, and I’ve never been wrong.”

Sigh: “My biggest problem is that I have a love/hate relationship with people. Or to be more diplomatic-I love my alone time.”

Smirk: “So I bought a house in a secluded area up in the mountains. My plans, just me and my dog, Killer, enjoying the winter in the mountains. Bliss.”

Sniff: “Rose, a dear friend of mine, and the universe were working against me though. Rose insisted I meet the neighbor, Max. Max lives at least six miles down the road from me. Rose made a deal with Max to have Chase help me out over the winter so I wouldn’t be alone. I ended up with two extra animals, a cat and a horse. Rose’s friend also wants to meet me to see if I would invest in his small business. And did I mention the crazy-I’m not sure what to call it-thing? on my property?”

“I would love to say that I’m not complaining, but really I am. Can’t a woman get a break?”