Dark Fates Collections-Karma Shay

Dark Fates Collections Coming out Sept. 30, 2016


Dark Fates CollectionsKarma Shay

Nighttime is my time. That’s when all of the bad boys and girls come out to play. I’m a player too. The thing? I can’t be touched. But I can make life miserable for the not so lucky.

I venture into rural areas sometimes, but the city is my home. The smell of trash and exhaust fumes, the sounds of people bickering and laughing. Women and men pass me. The scent of their overpowering perfumes and colognes invade my nose. Light pollution draws me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I walk down the streets in all my five foot two glory, smiling and watching the herds of people strolling by. My demeanor gets me some strange looks. To everyone on the street I look twenty-four. I’m much older. My long blond hair sways with my gait. My soft blue eyes are as sharp as a hawk. I can hear the slightest sounds from miles away.

My glamor tonight is black leather pants, a black leather tank top, and black leather knee-high stiletto boots. Blood red lipstick shines on my lips. I have the smokey eyes makeup down to a tee and enough mascara on to make my baby blues pop.

On my wrist is a black leather bracelet. A black studded choker is wrapped around my throat, and my favorite black spiral earrings dangle from my ears.

“Meow,” I whisper and giggle.

I don’t normally dress up like this, but tonight is special. It’s my birthday.

I glance up at the rooftops, looking for a good place to plant myself. I’m on the lower east side tonight and I’m craving mischief. Real mischief. Not the light-heartedness that’s been my companion on my walk. I wander into the heart of the downtown area, or the strip as most people call it, and settle myself on a rooftop overlooking some restaurants and a movie theater. I wait.

My name is Shay, and I’m a karma junky. Not to be confused with a vigilante. I dole out karma. It’s in my blood.

Tonight will be another perfect night. My smile widens. I think it’s my permanent expression. My job is so much fun, and gratifying. I’ve been here before. I know what the bad boys and girls are up to.

I glance up at the stars and listen.

A couple coming out of the bar below are arguing. I’ve listened to this couple argue before. I’m not sure they ever get along. 

She’s quiet most of the time, then they have a few drinks, he finds something wrong with her and lays into her. She stands her ground, but I’m still not sure why she stays with him. She’s beautiful and can find a better match for herself. That is until she becomes his punching bag. I hear a slap and then another slap. He shoves her into the car and the argument explodes. I want to throw some karma down his way. Really want to. He deserves an extra karma bump, but I can smell cancer eating away at his insides…