Telepathy of Terra Matter

Our Earth Mother has a message that she is sending. This is the third or fourth time I’ve pulled this card, maybe it’s time to receive the message?

The skilful and unpredictable working of the Earth Mother are supporting your soul journey unconditionally. Following up on inspired ideas and allowing for unexpected shifts in direction are integral to the manifestation of your soul purpose. Commit to an idea that feels good to your heart. Even if it seems improbable or unattainable, it will manifest successfully.

Healing Process:

If practical, you can complete this process in nature. You could also make an offering by respectfully gathering treasured items such as a leaf or a flower, crystal, feather, scented woods and resins, and create a medicine bundle.

Become aware of your breath flowing in and out. Drop into your connection with the natural realm of our Earth Mother by grounding your awareness at your feet. You may sense the natural energy exchange that flows between the soles of your feet and the earth’s energy field. Become present.
Imagine your feet can feel, hear, sense and receive the sacred transmission of the Earth Goddess. Let those transmissions rise up your legs and travel to your heart, along your arms and out through your hands. In response to this, you may let your body make spontaneous movements to sound, to meditate, to dance, to express from an authentic place without interpreting or analyzing.

Let those transmissions continue to rise up to your throat, where they can whirl in a sacred vortex of blue light, integrating into your system. That blue swirling light moves inwardly to bring you blessings and radiates outwardly to support the opening of your soul voice.

Allow your awareness to settle at your feet again. Feel, imagine or intend to communicate love and gratitude to the Earth Mother from your heart through the soles of your feet. Sense the sacred bond between you and the earth. There is a constantly flowing exchange of healing and communication between you. Let go of what you have thought or demanded or expected or feared. Instead, be in this embodied communication with your Mother, now. She loves you, and she knows best.

Rest, play and express here for as long as feels good.