Becoming Debt Free

Obtain a columnar writing pad with as many columns as you have monthly expenditures. Beginning in the far left column, write a heading that describes your largest monthly outgo. Next, on the first line beneath the header, write the dollar amount of that payment. Circle this amount, that represents the amount you are obligated to pay each month, and then, on the third line, enter the total outstanding debt for this “payment.”

Repeat this process with every obligated payment you owe.

On the top of your columnar pad write the following affirmation~It is my desire to keep my promise regarding all of these financial obligations, and in some cases I will even do twice as much as is required. (Place your hand on your heart and repeat this affirmation as often as you feel you need to.)

Each time you receive a bill, get out your pad and adjust, if necessary, the minimum amount due. If it stays the same, then write the same figure. Every time you receive a bill double the amount and write it in the column on the right of the payment due, even if you can not afford to pay double the amount. As you do so, write the new amount of the outstanding balance.

Feel glad that you have kept your new promise to yourself to do your best to pay everything you owe.

Because you are looking at your finances in a new way, your vibration will shift and things will begin to change in your financial condition.

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