Writers World- Sam’s Story #SneakPeek #YA Chapter Fifteen-Protection Spell

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

The chant was long. My voice came out as a whisper the first time I spoke it. My body still tingled, but other than that I didn’t feel any otherworldly energies building around me.

I spoke the words again, louder this time.

Hear me knights of past, knights of ancient law. Here me dead knights of an English tongue. Hear me knights in battle, who’s blade did good. Hear me knights of old, hear me knights of old souls. This night I invoke thee. I summon thee to my arms aid. Hear me knights, a new cause be given. Your body gone now spirit be. Hear me Dead Knights, I invoke thee. By your spirit blade I invoke you. By your might I invoke you. By your spirit I invoke you. Come now, follow a new cause, I summon thee. Each of thee I enlist. I invoke you dead knights lost. Hear me and come to my aid. Here me and fight at my side. Protect me from spirits harm. Fight my battles I say to thee. Hear me spirits of lost knights, come to my aid, come to my side. Protect me from spirits harm. Protect me from spirits light. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you. I invoke you.

Let my army be done.

Let it be.

Let it be.

A ball of energy started to wrap around my body with a tight embrace. As soon as I finished the chant the wound up energy exploded out of me, through the circle and into the house. The spell left me breathless and dizzy. Once my vertigo passed and I found my bearings again I stood up and stepped out of my circle.

The first thought invading my mind was Chase. If he was home he would have felt the intensity of the explosion, even if he’d been in a deep sleep it would have woken him up. I glanced out my bedroom window, mentally kicking myself as I did. Why didn’t I check to make sure no-one was home first? The empty parking lot gave me a sense of relief but my nerves continued to zing through my muscles and crackle through my skin as I wandered through the house checking the rooms, shop, and locks. When I’d finished checking every nook and cranny and was sure the place was secure I walked back into my bedroom and laid down. I felt safer but I couldn’t get my nerves back to a calm state. I closed my eyes and prayed to the heavens I’d picked the right spell.

When I finally fell asleep I dreamt of the vision I’d had at the lake.

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