Writers World- Sam’s Story #SneakPeek #YA Chapter One-Drake & Derek

Samantha Sungold-Tarnished Gold by Lynn Thompson

Tarnished Gold by Lynn ThompsonI pulled my focus back to Drake. He bored me to death and rubbed me the wrong way. I rubbed my eyes trying to stay awake. Drake seemed nice, but it led to one of the problems I had with him. He laid on the niceness too thick. It was sickening.

I couldn’t believe the references Drake gave to Jamie were accurate. Drake was smart and knew what he was talking about, but still, I just couldn’t believe he’d ever taught other kids. I peeked over at Drake’s son, Derek. Derek stayed focused on what his dad rambled on about. I’d rather read the history book than listen to Drake.

Derek Soto was seventeen and looked so similar to his dad it border-lined on creepy. He was tall and lanky with shoulder length hair, black as night. His eyes were dark brown but appeared to match his hair on most days. Derek always wore long sleeve shirts, even though it had to be at least 90-degrees outside with the humidity at 100-degrees. He was kind of cute, except his face was too narrow for my preferences and his nose lay a tad too flat on his face.

Being surrounded by disinteresting males was fine by me, I’d sworn off the male species since Chase started dating Nichole. I didn’t have anything against Nichole, except maybe the fact that Nichole’s a lot closer to Chase’s age than I am.

I turned fifteen last month, I smiled and lightly touched the sapphire blue earrings Jamie had given me for my birthday. They were beautiful and matched my eyes. Of course, the loud pop and quick pain that followed when I got my ears pierced surprised me. It was worth it!

“Have you found something funny about my lecture Ms. Sungold?” Drake asked with a fake smile thinning his lips. His brownish black eyes bored into me.

“No, Mr. Soto.” I glared at him as soon as he turned his back to me. Unfortunately, Derek saw my expression and smirked.

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