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At the age of 16 E.M. Reders watched a certain boy wizard movie and instantly wanted to read the books. Since that day she has been an addictive reader of fantasy both YA and Adult and now 10 years later is bringing her own fantasy series to life. When she isn’t nose deep in her Kindle or typing away she is chasing round 2 (soon to be 3, or 4 if you include the husband) children and a crazy dog.


twitter username Emmareders


26113133***A vampire like no other has a story to tell.***

Bree had always known that her life was not going to be easy, that it would be a hard, but she had never expected for it to be this hard. Hidden away from the world, kept out of sight for her own protection, her anger and hatred has grown. So much so that she no longer feels capable of feeing any other kind of emotion… until she meets him.

A vampire assassin on the hunt, Gabriel expected to find nothing but a soft bed and a place to hide out the day when he walked into Dead Fang, a hotel exclusive for vampires. Instead what he found was a mystery… the mystery of a fangless vampire who he just could not resist.

This book contains a fangless vampire with anger problems and a past as dark as her eyes, an assassin determined to break down her walls, and the fires of passion that ignite when he does. Contains m/f interaction, not meant for the younger reader.

25946428Dancing at the Flesh & Blood – an exclusive vampire strip club, has never bothered Amber. But when one of the members takes an added interest in her and hires her to dance for him, and him alone, will she be safe? And can she resist the handsome vampire’s charms?
Lochlann has grown bored with life, he’s seen everything, done everything, the world and all the people in it mean nothing to him… until he sees Amber dance.As the pair spend time together their attraction grows, but can Amber overcome her fear of being within biting distance of vampires?

And can Lochlann control his urge to consume all that she is?




She had warned him over and over that her past was dark, deadly. But never had Gabriel expected to witness that darkness himself. Now after months apart he finds himself back at ‘Dead Fang Hotel’ desperate to save the woman he loves, but not from the enemies she has spent the last decade hiding from… but from herself.

Bree never thought she would find someone to love, someone that was worth living for until she met Gabriel. Now finding herself without him and her death drawing ever closer she has fallen into old, dangerous habits.
Can Gabriel and her friends save her from her greatest enemy… herself, before it is too late?





22248979The Elementals have been hunted for generations, none surviving to see adulthood.
But the rules have been changed.
And now Kaia, a powerful witch with the power to control the earth itself, is being made to call her protector early in a hope to save her life from the evil that is quickly coming her way.
But what if she doesn’t want to?
What if she doesn’t want to doom another to the same fate that has been dealt her?
Or what if the one chosen is perfect for her in every way?
The one she has always loved?
The one that she pushed away all those years ago… to protect him?


 For more on E.M Reders books visit here


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