Introducing–>>Sennah Tate #featuredAuthor

As this weeks Featured Author


Beautiful redhead girl with long hair and blue eyes posing in an urban context


twitter username sennahtate

genre Romance, Paranormal


23362628Two unlikely souls meet…

Bryce Dorian is a rich playboy on the search for the father that abandoned him and left his mother for dead. He has spent countless hours and untold millions on his quest for revenge, but he never expected that his misguided journey would take such a dangerous turn.

Marcie Gallagher is an over-worked and under-paid waitress working at a dead-end job until one terrible day. In the span of a few hours, Marcie loses her job, her boyfriend and her home, leaving her alone and on the streets to fend for herself.

When Bryce finds himself on the wrong end of a mugging, Marcie is there to jump to his rescue. They both feel a strange connection to one another, but each has reservations about pursuing anything. They can only fight their feelings for so long, but with death threats, a secret baby, and a jealous ex-boyfriend thrown into the mix, does their love have any hope?


24409083She’s dreamed of a fairytale wedding, but Tristan Fulmore is not her Prince Charming.

Marilee Davis

All my life I dreamed of the perfect husband, the perfect wedding, and the perfect life. It’s what I was born to do — be a good wife and mother — and all I ever wanted. My sister’s eighteenth birthday meant that she, too, was on the look-out for a husband. How could a curvy girl like me compete with my model thin sister? There was no chance of anyone noticing me with Sharilyn around — or so I thought.

I never thought that when the time came for me to walk down the altar I would be looking for an escape route. I never imagined that the man I would marry would be surrounded by dark rumors of a shady past.

All I wanted was a way out of this disaster. The only thing I have to do is resist my ridiculously sexy husband for three months. No problem.


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