Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel-Meet the Characters-Zoe, Charlie & Shawn

Blake Canvass3 smLaughter- Zoe: “Oh, my sister and I are like night and day. I’m much more outgoing “extrovert” than Montana.”

Charlie: “Don’t talk bad about Antana, Mommy!”

More laughter: “Don’t worry Charlie I’m not talking bad about your Aunt. It’s just a fact of life. Right honey?”

Nodding-Shawn: “My wife, Zoe, is right. Montana isn’t as sociable. But, Montana, isn’t in sales like you honey.”

Looking lovingly at Zoe: “If it wasn’t for you our business wouldn’t be doing well. You’re great at bringing in the customers.”

Giggling-Zoe: “See, we own a construction business. And it’s doing really well.”

Zoe smiling: “Yes, Montana did win the lottery and gave me some of the proceeds from it. It helped us immensely in our construction venture. She may not be outgoing, but she is a giver. Other than that I just want to say I wish she finds the happiness she deserves.”

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