Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.22:2

ec556-moonthumbSpeak of the devil, I heard him pull up on his Harley.

I took one look at Max when he walked in and wanted to jump his bones. Hell at this point I’d even be happy to go for a ride with him.

I pictured myself snuggled up against his back, arms wrapped around him, riding down the coastline, and sighed. He still looked tired, but damn he looked good. His thick black hair was pulled back, he’d shaved, and his eyes were a nice silver color in the morning light. He had on his normal blue jeans and black shirt that hugged his body perfectly.

My smile grew when he walked through the door. Chase gave me a warning look I actually understood. Max didn’t know Chase was dropping me notes. Fine by me, I wouldn’t tell.

“You’re in a good mood today.” Max said sitting down, kicking up his feet.

“You look good today.” I countered.

He grinned, but didn’t say anything about my appearance.

So I was rumpled and had two black eyes from lack of sleep. I could let it slide.

“Anything on Dick?”

He shook his head.

That made two of us. My sources hadn’t come up with anything either.

I leaned on the patio wall and gazed out on the ocean. The day was warm. The sun was bright, reflecting off of the white beach and the slightly different colors of the clear blue waves. The pull and tug of waves seemed almost hypnotic with their constant flowing motion surging up onto the sand then back out. I could feel the calm in the air. The calm before the storm?

I cocked my hip against the wall and stared at Max. There was a mournful silence surrounding the patio.

What happened? I used to be able to have a normal conversation with these guys. Now I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Okay, think small talk. My mind went blank.

I could ask Max how he was doing, but I already knew. Maybe it really was the end between us. I felt, even now, the barrier separating us. Who knew when this would end? I gave myself a mental head shake. Lack of sleep, there was no way I wanted to delve into my psyche with thoughts of Max right now.

“How’s your case going?” I already had an idea, but thought I’d ask anyway.

Max sighed, “slow.”

I glanced at Chase, “hear from Rose lately?”

“Everyone’s doing fine, kittens are taking over.”

So much for small talk, I filled my mug with more coffee, lit another smoke then headed up to my room to read through my journal again.

I thought about jumping on my Harley and riding cross country. I needed out of here, but that wouldn’t solve anything.

My eyes blurred the words in my journal, I yawned. Getting frustrated I threw the journal across the room into the wall and stood up, apparently I was clueless. Normally I was pretty good at figuring out puzzles. A ride was just what the doctored ordered. And if I ended up in BFE so be it.

I marched out onto the patio and started up my bike.

“I’ll join you.” Max said loudly as my bike rumbled to life.

I pointed to the front of the house letting him know I’d meet him there. My helmet covered my smile. At least I’d have company along with the unbearable silence.


“It’s time,” Max told Jamie.

At the same time Chase sent a text to Sam.

“She’s pulling out of her driveway right now. She’s in the car. I have a feeling it’s going to be something big.”

Max came to the conclusion earlier on the bike ride that it would be easier on everyone around if he did his surveillance outside, at night.

“Let’s go!” Chase said hopping in the truck, slamming the door.

“Jamie and Doc are on their way.” Max floored it.

And hopefully Sam will gain some insight while they’re gone, Chase thought.


I stood on the beach waiting for the water to separate, the fog to roll in. I was supposed to be here right? My mind blipped.

Yes, I was supposed to be here. What was I supposed to do? Another strange flip through my brain.

Pay attention a voice whispered.

That’s right, I needed to pay attention. My thoughts felt like they were swimming in goo, trying to bubble up to the surface.

The waves parted, he stepped out of the ocean carrying a big chest. My thoughts calmed, leaving only a small whisper, pay attention.

He loaded the chest in the trunk of my car before wrapping his arms around me and kissing me. He gazed deep into my eyes. Satisfied with what he saw he kissed me again.

This is the last load,” he said. “Soon, very soon, we’ll be together forever.”

I sighed into his arms and nuzzled closer. What’s your name? What do I call you? I thought.

He answered out loud, “What’s in a name? I’m sure you can figure out something, maybe I’ll let you give me a new one when I’m back in my rightful place in this world. I’m going to call you Red, it fits.” He chuckled.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity.


“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drug his whole damn ship out of the ocean for Montana to take home,” Jamie whispered.

“What do you think is in there this time?” Chase whispered back.

Jamie shrugged her shoulders and looped her hand through Max’s arm. He tensed up, she knew he was ready to bolt through the shield and carry Montana away. The time wasn’t right, yet. The time may never come, a thought she tried to block from her mind for the umpteenth billionth time.

Besides, he wouldn’t be able to penetrate the shield and could get seriously injured trying.

She leaned against Max, feeling the hate radiate out of him. Chase and Doc gathered closer to his side.

Max knew what they were doing, they were blocking him. He held himself in check. If he was determined enough he could knock them all down to get to Montana, but he didn’t know if the field could injure him or not. He wasn’t sure if anyone knew what it could do. But his love for her kept him in place.

Soon, very soon, he would have her back by his side. This time he would never let her go!

Sam stood in the same spot she had last time she followed Jamie and watched Montana. She didn’t wait until they were done before leaving, she’d seen enough.

She was fairly certain she had the spell down perfectly. Of course she wasn’t sure it would work, because she had nothing to practice on.

Either it would or it wouldn’t she reminded herself. There was nothing else she could do on that level. It was time to read over the journal again to see if she could figure out more on Sterling.

It amazed her still how much information she picked up spying. Good, and bad. Jamie and Doc were no closer to figuring out how to stop him, but she had an idea. Better to keep it to herself though, she wasn’t even sure she would tell Chase.

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