Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.21

c7972-moonthumbDick’s eyesight blurred; the room was pitch black, there was a chill in the air. He shivered, attempted to move his arm and legs, tried to glance around. He blinked, only a blurry darkness surrounded him.

“We thought we killed you.”

Dick cocked his head, blinked his eyes a few more times.

“See I gave you a Rohypnol, which Suzy didn’t know about, so she gave you another one.” Leslie giggled and lit a lantern. “You lucked out; Jen almost gave you a third one, not knowing Suzy, and I gave you two already. We stopped her just in time.”

“I wanted to bash you over the head, but the other girls wouldn’t let me.” Amy cut in.

Dick moved his head to stare at the girls, making himself dizzy. Now he understood why his body was numb.

“Yeah, you were lucky. You could have OD’d. No skin off my back if you had.” Suzy mocked.

His eyes clouded over, but he could still visualize the girls with their beautiful golden streaked brunette hair, finely toned bodies, hazel eyes, and lush lips.

“None of you can prove anything. What do you want? Where am I?” Dick coughed out.

“Why, to torture you.” Amy replied vaguely.

Dick’s eyes began to focus, he glanced around. He was in a mold covered basement. He didn’t see any windows. There was only one way out that he could tell, it was up the stairs.

He moved his arms again. He was lying on a bed with bound hands and feet. He cringed, the mattress was filthy and the blanket next to him was covered in dirt and mold.

He let his eyes rest on the girls, ah yes, what beautiful girls they were. His girls. A grin appeared more like a sneer on his face from the lack of muscle control.

“Don’t worry we’re not going to take advantage of you that way.” Amy spat.

“Actually we’re not quite sure what to do with you yet.” Leslie shrugged her shoulders. “We might just keep you for a few days and starve you. After all you wouldn’t be able to prove anything once we let you go.”

“See this is what happens when you play in your own back yard.” Amy gestured to the other girls. “We were all in the same SAR together.”

“Sexually Abused Recovery classes,” Jen whispered.

“We didn’t realize at first that our same abuser was you. After a few months and lots of coffee together we figured it out. How do you feel about seeing us all together?” Amy asked.

Dick shuttered, but felt a twinge of sexual heat stroke his insides. Too bad they left his clothes on.

Amy laughed.

“Here’s the thing,” She glared at him, “I’m the meanest one of the bunch.”

The other girls sighed at the same time.

“We don’t have any control of her.” Leslie said. “Don’t get us wrong, all of us wanted this, none of us girls are going to let you go until we’re ready. But like you said, we couldn’t prove a thing. Consider this pay back of our own. Don’t worry, I doubt anyone will miss you.”

Dick felt a pain in his chest; his heart accelerated its beat triple time. Nothing to be concerned about, just too much excitement along with the drugs they’d given to him.

“You can’t imagine how it feels to be sitting in an uncomfortable metal fold out chair talking about your feelings,” Suzy sputtered.

Jen nodded in agreement.

He didn’t want to listen to this. Maybe something to drink and some play time would be nice. He licked his lips.

Suzie’s voice rose. “Fear of the dark, nightmares, night terrors, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety. Not to mention guilt and shame.”

“Over eating then making yourself sick so you don’t gain weight, blocked memories and flashbacks,” Jen whispered louder. “Not sure which one’s the truth.”

“Thoughts of suicide, a big black hole inside you,” Leslie interjected.

“I’m lucky,” Amy said. “I just have a lot of anger and rage in me.”

His eyes closed, another pain seared through his chest.

Amy dumped some water on him to get his attention. He skin had turned a little green.

“Okay, so I’m easily startled. I’ll work through it. Are you listening Dick? We need your attention for all of this. We need to know that you’re listening.”

Amy turned towards Leslie, “I so want to smack him.”

“If this is going to work you can’t leave a mark.” Leslie said.

“Leslie’s the smart one,” Amy poked Dick. “She borrowed your furry wrist and ankle cuffs when we took you. They’re what you’re bound with. How funny using your own toys.”

Dick started drooling.

“Gross,” Amy bit out disgustedly. “We might have to return him soon.”

“He could be having a reaction to the drugs.” Suzy shrugged.

Dick moaned then slightly convulsed.

“Shit, he’s a wimp,” Amy ground out exasperated. “What do you want to do now? We haven’t even been able to have any fun with him.”

Jen pushed her aside, “His pulse is a little weak. Maybe we should give him a while longer. If he doesn’t shake it off we’ll take him home.”

“Shake it off Dick. I’m not done with you yet.” Amy said sarcastically.

The other girls nodded.

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