Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.20:2

ec556-moonthumbShit, shit, shit! I thought when I came to. I snagged my journal and wrote down the memory. I still felt the wall of Jamie’s house breathing around me, the pendant warm in my hand.

I’d never be able to face her again. I was still having a hard time believing I stole from her. And how I did it, go figure.

Why did I do it? What did it mean?

I thought about the walking dead guy on the beach, he had to have something to do with it.

I closed my eyes bringing the dream back, going through the details again. My eyes snapped open, the girl, I only saw her through my peripheral vision. She was a mess. I concentrated harder, it was Sam. I felt it in my gut. No wonder she looked at me strange that day.

Did this mean Jamie already knew what I’d done?

I tossed my book on the covers, jumped out of bed, and ran downstairs.

Max was standing out back with a cup of java and a smoke, gazing at the ocean. I barreled up behind him, grabbed his arm, and spun him around to face me. His coffee flew out of his mug, splattering in the sand, he almost stumbled.

I swear I was shouting at him, does Jamie know? Does Jamie know? Not one syllable would come out of my mouth. I held tight to both of his arms, almost knocking the now empty mug out of his hand and looked deep into his eyes, like I could find the answers I needed there, the question still spinning around in my head.

He smiled at me. I wanted to throw myself into his arms and kiss him. He must have understood. He tugged his arms out of my hands and stepped back.

The memory of the skeletal jerk at the beach claiming me hit me full force, making me want to scream that I didn’t belong to him. Actually I did scream silently, then I cursed silently about being mute with all of this.

I sighed and lit a smoke. Clearing my throat I asked, “Anything on Dick?” Yay she speaks!!

“No, my inquiries have gotten us nowhere.”

“Damn,” I mumbled. “Why can’t you find him? Even in hiding you should be able to. Do you think he committed suicide or something?”

Max shrugged, “He’s crazy enough.”

Something else to think about.

“Where’s Chase?”

I just noticed he wasn’t around.

“He went to get breakfast.”

After I dumped the burnt sludge out of the coffee pot, scrubbed it spotless, and brewed another pot, Chase showed up with breakfast. With nothing much to talk about we scarfed the food down.

The rest of the day cruised by smoothly with no incidents whatsoever.

I spent my time researching pirate shipwrecks on the Internet, not sure exactly what I was looking for, but figured it would smack me in the face if I found it. I put out a small inquiry of my own on Dick. Max shouldn’t have to do all the work; it was really my problem not his.

I took several catnaps without dreams and convinced Chase to take me to the local library for more research on pirates. After all he wouldn’t want me to fall asleep at the wheel would he?

I came up empty handed with the research I did, but at least it kept me busy and out of trouble.

I listened to Max and Chase bicker on whether Max should stay the night, Max was triumphant.

I popped a sleeping pill before bed in hopes that I would have a dreamless deep sleep for once and was out in no time.


I stood in the garage eyeballing the trunk of my car and whimpered.

He said I had to move the treasure chest, it was almost time. He has one final present for me to bring home.

I remembered the pain shooting through my body from moving the gold. He said it wouldn’t hurt; maybe I’m getting confused in my memories. I’m not sure. Maybe I shouldn’t have told him that it would hurt. He gave me the oddest look when I mentioned it.

I still hadn’t moved, but knew if I didn’t make room in my trunk he would get mad.

My feet drug across the floor on command, I opened the trunk and stared at the chest. It was small; I would carry it to where the gold was and hide it there.

I touched it gently, letting my fingertips slide over the lid. No, he was right, no pain. My memories must have been jumbled. I picked up the chest, hid it under the tarp, and closed the trunk.

I would have to tell him, let him know that I was just confused for a brief time.


Montana stood in the garage without a clue Max and Chase were watching her. They saw her come down the stairs as if she was floating, eyes glazed over. She stopped when she entered through the door.

They were right behind her waiting to see what she would do. She didn’t even realize it.

She stood as still as a statue for almost ten minutes before she hauled the treasure chest out of the trunk. Hiding it under a tarp she turned and walked right by them, without seeing them, and went straight to bed.

“I wish I knew what she was remembering when she was standing there.” Max mumbled to Chase, arms crossed over his chest, anger in his eyes.

“If you would have let me drift off I would.” His eyes were bloodshot, and he was haggard.

“Sleeping here is wrecking your mind and body.” Chase replied. “It isn’t good for any of us. As a matter of fact you should go back to your condo and sleep until morning. I think what was supposed to happen tonight already happened.”

Max opened his mouth to speak.

Chase ground out, “no arguments! Just go!”

Chase was fed up with the whole situation. Everyone was worried sick, waiting for Montana to have a mental breakdown. As a matter of fact, they were ready for it to happen. Would she? He wasn’t so sure, she was tough mentally and physically, but still, how much could one person take? The stress of the matter had become more than unbearable for everyone involved.

Max wasn’t helping matters by being stubborn. He followed Max to his truck, checked on Montana again, then got comfortable on the couch. He needed a vacation.

He was nodding off when his phone buzzed. Sighing he picked it up.


“Chase this is Sam. Is Max around?”


“Good, I really need to talk to you about Montana and that spell…”

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