Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.20

ec556-moonthumbSam slammed the car into gear and bolted into the shop. She knew they weren’t behind her, yet. She raced into her room for her USB stick. Leaving the light off she checked the window to make sure Jamie and Doc hadn’t shown up before high tailing it to Jamie’s room. On the race up the stairs she pulled a plastic card from her pocket. Stopping at the bedroom door she quickly jimmied the lock and found Jamie’s laptop.

She thanked the heavens the computer was in sleep mode, no password needed. Jamie’s email lit up on the screen. She checked it first, hitting the jackpot. The images from Max were already downloaded into a file, she copied them to her stick and locked the door behind her.

At a speed she didn’t know she possessed she tossed off her clothes, threw on her pajama’s, and crawled into bed exhilarated, heart slamming in her chest, hands shaking. She giggled when the rumble of Doc’s vehicle pulled up.

Jamie would probably disown her if she found out Sam was spying on them, but damn she was having fun.

At least until she thought of Montana and Max. She fell asleep wondering how she was going to find a way to contact her.


I stumbled outof the bathroom, snuck to the stairs, and listened to Max and Chase talk. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they were busy and that was all that mattered. I returned to my room, locked the door and stood there for a minute. For the life of me I couldn’t remember where I put my journal, I couldn’t even remember where or when I went to sleep.

I checked the safe, around the safe, under the bed, in the covers, and finally the table drawer by my bed. I grasped it, staring at it for a moment, like it had grown legs and walked there.

I really didn’t believe I stashed it in the drawer, shrugging my shoulders I picked up my pen and sat on the bed. Feeling like I was losing my mind I jotted down the dream in detail. I chilled and became queasy again when I wrote about the gorgeous hunk of a guy turning into a skeleton with tight leathery skin on it.

I touched my lips. Did I really kiss it? I flew into the bathroom, washed my mouth out with mouthwash, and scrubbed my teeth.

I wasn’t even certain these were dreams anymore, It seemed like he still stood close to me, touching me, like I could reach out and touch him back, even though I was alone in the bathroom. I thought I smelled a whiff of his rotting skin. I stripped quickly and jumped into the shower.

After an hour of scrubbing my skin pink I felt a little cleaner, at least on the outside. I still couldn’t get the memory out of my mind, positive it was a memory, not a dream.

I glanced at my bed as I dressed. What I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep. Blowing out a deep breath I headed downstairs for a pot of coffee. I needed to re-evaluate my whole journal now.

“Hi boys,” I greeted Max and Chase, entering the kitchen.

They both sat at the table holding their heads in their hands. Chase facing me, he smiled, his jaw cracked as he yawned big. Max faced the wall. I had no idea what he was thinking, and was surprised he was even here.

I started a fresh pot of coffee, grabbed my smokes then stepped out back with Chase and Max on my heels. I almost told them I didn’t need a body guard, but what the hell did I know anyway. My world was split in two.

The warm night air wrapped itself around me, the moon glowed, half full and bright, casting its radiance on the ocean, making the waves look eerily green with a slight undercurrent of blue. It was exhilarating. I let my mind go blank and zoned out on the waves for a few minutes.

“Montana?” Chase asked.

I may have fallen asleep standing there, staring at the waves. I wasn’t sure. I glanced at him.

“We need to get back inside.”

On a long sigh I turned on my heel and headed inside to the coffee pot. I snagged the pot out of the coffee maker grabbed an electrical pot warmer and a mug. Screw the cream; I needed my coffee black tonight. I looked at the clock on the way upstairs, 3am, okay, so it was early morning. We all needed some good sleep.

I fell asleep halfway through making corrections to my journal.


I couldn’t sleep, Max was back. My sister and her family hadn’t returned to the house yet. I threw on my leather jacket, helmet, and gloves. Maybe a nice ride would help.

I walked towards Jamie’s shop. I saw the girl out of my peripheral vision, but continued on, she wasn’t important.

I stepped through the outer wall, feeling the brick trying to pull me into its energy. I moved through it and into a small room with a loud sucking noise following me.

Finding the safe was easy; I knew exactly where it was hidden. I shoved my hand into the safe, carefully picked up the pendant, and left the way I came in, spotting the girl again.


“Max! Max! Wake up!” Chase whispered as loud as he dared into Max’s ear.

Max had fallen asleep, head planted on the kitchen table. When Max didn’t respond Chase kicked his chair hard enough to knock it over.

Max caught the table just in time, stopping his dissent to the floor.

“That’s the last time you’re sleeping here!” Chase almost screamed.

Max stared fixedly at Chase, shook his head and dialed Jamie.

“We have a situation…”

Chase listened intently, in wonder, straight out of a supernatural sit com., walking through a wall, amazing.

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