Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.19

ec556-moonthumb“Where is she? You were supposed to keep an eye on her!” Max clenched his fists. “I let Doc go back to Jamie’s because I thought you had everything under control.” He hissed, biting back the rage coursing though him.

Chase swallowed hard, “she said she needed a few minutes.” He shrugged. “She looked pretty bad Max. I think we traveled with the treasure, she didn’t know.”

“That’s no excuse, she’s gone.” He raked his fingers through his hair and dialed Montana’s number again.

“We could go check out the beach?”

“You go check out the beach, I’ll wait here. If she’s not back in an hour I have to call Jamie. Damn!”

Max stormed away before he ended up doing something stupid, like punching Chase. He knew it wasn’t Chase’s fault entirely, but he still wanted to hit something.


I found asemi-private spot on the beach, far away from the ship and skeletons, and pulled over. I really wished I had some water, but because I was so tightly strung I opted out of detouring to a gas station to get it. Besides I’d be heading back to the house soon. Max had been calling my cell non-stop. Chase managed to get a few rings in too.

I didn’t want to, and felt like I couldn’t talk to either one of them right now.

I sat down on the white sand, focused on the brilliant blue ocean, closed my eyes, and took several deep cleansing breaths of the ocean air. I rolled my shoulders, stretched my back, and tried to force myself to relax.

When some of the tension left my body I opened my purse. It had been another great purchase on my part. I guess it’s more like a small bag with straps, like a back pack.

Either way, I managed to shove a good amount of stuff in it, including the diary after I bought it. I pulled it out along with a pen and started writing down everything I remembered.

On the top of the page I wrote: PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS in bold thick letters and underlined it a few times, sure I would need the reminder every time I opened the book.

I started with the almost swim I took the first day I met up with Max and continued to write about the jewelry I’d accumulated. I described it, along with the amount of pain my body suffered through when I’d worn the pieces and the scale of pain that fluctuated between earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

I described both times I swam in the ocean with as many details I could recall, the cave, the ship, the skeletons, the treasure, the sharks, and the way the beach stayed desolate in my presence.

For some reason I added a small note about Sam’s reaction to me at Jamie’s. I wasn’t sure of any significance to her behavior, but I wanted to keep it in mind.

I jotted down Max and Killers behavior, Chase’s arrival, the pain and nauseous when I found the gold and treasure chest, and finally the dream/ memory? Of the hot guy on the beach offering me all the gold I wanted.

I read it over again and realized there were missing pieces I needed to solve this puzzle, but I was unable to remember half of what happened, and I literally wasn’t able to talk about the other half.

For my last two entries I wrote:

How can I return the booty without becoming seriously injured and/or bringing it back?


I placed the diary, now journal, back in my purse, stood up and walked to my Harley. The boys were going to kill my cell phone battery soon; my phone hadn’t stopped ringing since I left.

Have you ever had the urge to jump in your vehicle and drive, just keep going and not stop? It took every once of effort I had not to veer off the path to my house.

Max stood on the front porch, cigarette in one hand, phone in the other, and a deep scowl on his face when I drove into the driveway. I slowed down, passed the side of the house, and coasted through the sand to the back.

There was no way I was going to park in the garage; I wasn’t even inclined to step into the garage at this point. Even though I would have to sometime, I wanted to touch the treasure chest, to see if a vision would come to me like it did when I touched the bag of gold. But just the thought made me cringe and sent goose bumps over my skin.

Though it had been over an hour since Montana left Max had barely opened his phone to call Jamie. Great timing, he thought, as she pulled up. He flipped his phone closed and wandered into the house.

“Want one?” I asked, pointing to the espresso machine.

He nodded curtly.

I made us both some espressos, snagged my smokes, then headed out back. Instead of sitting down I paced. The remainder of my energy drained from my body and I was becoming annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t even stay awake for a whole day anymore.

“I haven’t found any information on Dick yet. I’m still looking.”

I whipped around to face Max. I’d forgotten he was even here. It took me a moment to focus on what he was talking about. Jeez, I was a mess.

Blowing out a breath I nodded. I’d forgotten about Dick too. Great, now I would have to call my sister and let her know.

I swung around and headed back into the house for more java, my phone, and maybe some food. I started the espresso machine grinding beans before sticking my head in the fridge.

“Chase is picking up take-out right now. He should be here soon.” Max said behind me.

I jumped, feeling a tad bit disconnected from the world around me, probably from lack of sleep.

“I hope it’s nutritious.” I said wearily.

“It will be, all of us need to start eating healthier.”

Closing the refrigerator I picked up my espresso and sat down at the table. My eyes began to close. I blinked them open. After dinner I would read through my journal again and call my sister.

Max nudged me, “Montana, dinners here.”

I jerked awake. Damn it! I fell asleep again, at the kitchen table no less.

I gave Chase a small smile as he set the food on the table. He glared at me.

“I needed some alone time.” I murmured.

Whatever they knew, they weren’t going to tell me. This situation was driving a wedge between our friendships, separating us. I couldn’t fix it right now, it made me sick.

I smirked, I was a woman on a mission, who wasn’t able to stay awake long enough to figure out what exactly the mission was, or for that matter, how to fix the problem.

I had to get on the ball before I lost Chase and Max.

We ate dinner in silence. Afterward I refilled my coffee to the brim and trudged upstairs.

I called my sister, leaving a message that Max was helping me find any information I could on Dick, as of right now there wasn’t anything to report. Then I locked my door, swallowed a pain killer, and opened the safe. I set down the pen and journal, unblocked myself and pulled out the pendant.

Author: lynnthompsonbooks

Lynn Thompson’s home is in the Land of Enchantment, and, yes, the land is enchanting. The skies are blue, the stars are bright., and there are beautiful panoramic landscapes surrounding her hometown. Lynn wades through the craziness of life to follow her true passion, writing fiction. You can find her, or not, trekking through the mountains, searching for fairies and vortexes, keeping her eye out for anything paranormal, or sitting in the hot springs in her spare time. Lynn doesn’t have a specific genre she writes in. Characters have a way of leading her stories. She follows. Lynn is also a sponge when it comes to knowledge. She’s always on the move to continue her education in writing, marketing, social media, digital media, and hopes to find the extra time to add some criminal investigation classes to her repertoire. Lynn has three novels out: Blake, Sterling, and Tarnished Gold. Blake is the beginning of Montana’s story. Her need for seclusion, at least, for one winter. She does not get what she wants. There is someone or something in the mountains stalking her, people keep showing up on her doorstep, and she meets Max. Max knows what is hunting Montana, but won’t tell her. Montana’s lack of trust in Max drives her to fix her own problems. If she had known what she’d be confronting that night, she never would have sedated Max. Sterling is the second novel in the Montana Dayton series. Montana moves to Florida hoping to escape her old life, and regain her normal life back, but her past has come back to haunt her. Not only does she start losing time, she continues to wake up every morning wearing gorgeous jewels and is surrounded by precious gems. She never remembers where, or who she’s getting the glittery baubles from and is hell bent to get back her memories and return the jewels. Afraid she has been out robbing houses in the middle of the night, she is determined to figure out what is happening on her own. That is until the dreams and the strong pull to explore the gulf. When she finally realizes she needs help, she is powerless to get it. Tarnished Gold is Sam’s story and will be coming out around the new year. Sam first appeared in Sterling and demanded her own novel. Lynn has bowed to Sam’s wishes and is writing that story now. Lynn is also the proud owner of: Dark Fates. Eight short stories that are fun, but still on the dark side. Dark Fates-Madness. Four dark short stories. News Worthy. News Worthy stands alone with five short stories. Watching the news first thing in the morning may not be fun, but dissecting news clips and re-writing them into short stories that had a different ending was a blast! Dark Fates Collections is compiled of Dark Fates, Dark Fates-Madness, News Worthy, and features Karma Shay’s adventures. Visit Lynn at: Website: Twitter: @lynnthompson8 Facebook: Goodreads:

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