Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.14:3

ec556-moonthumb“It’s clear, she’s out cold.” Chase said over the phone. “She’s going to be hell to live with when she figures out we doped her.”

Max chuckled. “Turnabouts fair play; don’t forget she did it to us last winter.”

“Where do you want me to put her?”

“Where is she?”

“On the patio.”

“Leave her there.” Max replied from the doorway. “We’ll be able to keep an eye her.”

They’d been waiting down the street for Chase to slip her the sleeping pills. They walked up to the house, Jamie and Doc entered behind Max.

“Are we going to have to dope her up every time we need to get together?” Jamie asked, walking past Max and checking Montana’s pulse.

Max shrugged as he followed everyone out onto the patio. He didn’t like it anymore than Jamie.

“We need to move her to the patio couch.” Doc said as his gaze wandered over Montana.

She was pale, her lips were blue, and she had deep black marks under her eyes. Max couldn’t see it without looking at her in the mirror; he didn’t need to know how bad she really looked.

“Has she been eating?” He pulled up her shirt exposing her ribs and examined the scars on her side.

“Not as much as she was a few days ago.” Max commented.

He brushed his fingers lightly over the scars then examined the ones on her arm.

“They are no longer red and inflamed. It is a good sign. Only when she is in his energy do they welt up.” He eyed Max and Chase.

“Keep an eye out. If you see any difference in them when she is with you call me.”

He pulled out his stethoscope and listened to her heartbeat. Slower than it should be, he would take into account that she was under the influence, but still…

“Well?” Max grumbled.

“She is strong and still alive. I should keep her monitored. Maybe we should dope her every couple of days?”

“We can’t do that!” Jamie squeaked. “It’s too risky.”

“I wish I knew what was in the injection she received.”

Max lowered his eyes, seething. “If I an inkling I’d tell you, Doc.”

Doc frowned. “I would like some blood from her. But that is too risky.”

Max pulled up a chair next to Montana, reached for her smokes, and lit one.

“The injection must have mutated in her system somehow, maybe because I taught her to block it. I am not sure.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” Max growled.

“Tell me what happened last night.” Jamie interjected. “You’ve already told Doc, but I want to hear it.”

Max proceeded to tell her about the first time he woke up, thinking she’d screamed at him, until the moment he found her in the shower when she did scream at him.

“She wants to tell you.” Chase almost jumped out of his seat. “She might not be able to tell you in person, but opening herself up might be a different story.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” Jamie said.

“It is too exhausting for her.” Doc replied. “If she does it again you have to make sure your emotions are controlled. Under wraps? Sterling has already made her very fragile, too much push she might break.”

Max blew out a breath. How was he to control his emotions? He was wound up way too tight as it was. He needed his anger to get him through this.

“You will continue to take the night shifts Max. Take deep breaths and try to relax before you take your cat naps, she might get through to you in your dreams again. Keep an open mind.”

He nodded. “What about you Jamie, anything on that spell?”

She shook her head no. They were spinning their wheels. She couldn’t work the spell to its full capacity. She didn’t have the time to practice. The only absolute to this whole mess would be if they killed Montana.

Sterling would have a very hard time finding another like her. She caressed Montana’s hand, there was no way she could kill her. Besides, Max wouldn’t allow it, not even if it was the last resort.

“Keep in mind, Max, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Jamie said, picking up on Max’s rigid body language.

“Do you really think she would kiss a skeleton if she knew?” She whispered.

“She remembers something.” Max ground out.

“Probably only where he is, not what he is. Remember that. I don’t think he would ever show his true form to her.”

“She will remember more.” Chase replied. “How could she not?” He grinned. “She’s not easy to control Max; you should know that better than anyone.”

A slight grin crossed his face, “Very true.”

They debated on what they should do when she remembered, and debated on what they needed to do to stop this, coming to no conclusions. Max left with Jamie and Doc, for a much needed nap, leaving Chase to watch over her.

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