Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.14

Max startled fully awake from his catnap, his heart beating overtime. He looked at Montana then the clock; it was only 11:30.

He’d been napping in the chair in Montana’s room, so he would awaken when she left her bed for the night.

Lightning flashed outside the windows, thunder close behind, the wind howled, and the room encased in shadows. Montana seemed dead to the storm except for her chest rising.

Her scream woke him, she wasn’t screaming now.

Had he imagined it? Had he dreamt it?

He walked silently to her side and gazed down at her. He stood over her for a long time watching her closely, she didn’t stir.

He didn’t think he imagined it. She’d been screaming at him to listen to her, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying. He closed his eyes trying to remember the dream. The dream dissipated leaving him hollow inside, he would have to make himself pay attention the next time it happened, if it happened again.

He sat back down in the chair and scrutinized the storm through the windows for what seemed like hours.

“It’s time,” Max whispered into the phone, “I’ll meet you at the beach.” He silently put his phone in his pocket and followed Montana down the stairs.

Just as they thought, she was oblivious to everything around her when she was in this state.

He grabbed his jacket as she walked into the garage and started her bike, almost growling at her to wake up or at least put on a helmet. The downpour pelted at the drenched wet pavement outside. He bit his tongue before he screamed at her and headed to his truck.

His nerves kicked up several notches when he watched her race off on the rain slick roads, getting soaked through, and not knowing. If this kept up she would die of pneumonia before Sterling was done with her.

He followed her at a distance, keeping an eye out for any sign of her bike sliding. He didn’t want to be too close just in case she lost control and dropped it.

When he pulled to a stop at the beach Jamie was already there, sitting in her car watching Montana through her binoculars. Max jumped out of his truck and ran to Jamie’s car slamming the door behind him. The rain was coming down in torrents.

“Somethings different.” She said.

“What?” Max hissed.

“Hold on.”

Chase and Doc parked behind them, taking a mad dash to Jamie’s car, piling in the backseat.

“Ah, Jamie Raven, it is so nice to see you once again.” Doc said, brushing his fingers over Jamie’s cheek.

“The honor’s all mine,” Jamie replied, smiling, “it’s too bad it isn’t under better circumstances.”

“What do we have going on?”

Jamie’s gaze wandered over Doc, his long gray/black hair was pulled back in a braid, and his sharp clear light blue eyes twinkled at her.

If he’d been about a million years younger she would have claimed him as her own, but he was ancient. Not one person knew exactly how old he was, or how long he’d lived on this planet.

She saw the old, wise, knowledge in his eyes, knew he still moved with swiftness and grace, even though his face had been marked with the wrinkles of time.

“Somethings different.” She said again.

He adjusted his binoculars and watched Montana.

The energy field was up, causing the rain to slide down it, making him squint to see through it. Montana was standing on the beach soaking wet, the energy field keeping the rain off her.

“She’s normally stripped down and swimming through the ocean by now. What is she waiting for?” Max grumbled.

“She’s waiting for that!” Chase gulped. “What is that?”

Max pushed open the car door, ready to step out.

“Stay in the car,” Doc said, “you cannot do anything out there but get wet.”

He closed the door and turned the defrost setting on high, causing the windows to cloud up for a moment before clearing. The rain was tapering off, everyone was waiting in anticipation.

The waves to one side of the ocean were calm and still, making the whole scene unreal, on either side of the calm the waves were churning in fits of rage from the storm.

“Shit,” Chase gasped, “what is that?”

“Sterling.” Jamie whispered.

Montana held her ground as a black skeleton with thinning white hair and bulging eyes protruding from his eye sockets walked out of the ocean towards her dragging a big leather bag. She stood on her tip-toes when he reached her and kissed him on his bared teeth.

Max turned red. A low growl vibrated up from his throat. He reached for the door, but was pulled back at the last second by Chase and Doc.

“We cannot interfere.” The Doc said calmly but firmly in Max’s ear.


My heart pounded and my body became weak. There was a man walking out of the ocean. I needed him, knew I wouldn’t be able to get enough of him, but not now, soon.

I ogled him, trying to shake off the feeling. It wasn’t right a small voice said—he isn’t the one!

I watched the man. He seemed to change in front of my eyes. At first he wasn’t very handsome; he was gaunt, thin and wiry, with long dirty brown dread-locked hair, and dull brown eyes.

I blinked, much better. He stood over 6 feet tall. He wore black leather pants that hugged his lower body, showing off his powerfully built muscles, leaving nothing to the imagination. His arms and chest were bare and hard as steel.

I sighed, his eyes were a deep almond brown, his hair was light blond, dread-locked, and pulled back with a piece of leather. He smiled at me; I could feel his power pulse in the air around us and deep into my spirit. I stood up and kissed him.

This isn’t right! My small voice screamed.

His lips were cold and clammy. I choked on the kiss. I could almost see my life’s breath leaving my body, but I couldn’t get enough. I needed him. He was my savior, my lord. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered something in my ear that I couldn’t even begin to understand. He pulled back, latched the bag onto my bike then disappeared back into the ocean, leaving me ice cold and chilled deep in my bones.


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