Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.12

ec556-moonthumbTime ticked by slowly. Montana’s house stayed dark inside and it was now well after midnight.

“Maybe we’re wrong.” Chase said hopefully.

Jamie shook her head, they returned to their waiting game.

A short time after 2 am Montana’s garage door opened, her bike rumbled to life.

“Here we go.” Max said his hands clutched around the steering wheel, knuckles white.

They pulled out behind her with the lights off until she was a safe distance away. He didn’t think she had a clue they were following her, as a matter of fact he was sure she had no idea what was going on.

He’d gotten a glimpse of her face as she backed out of her driveway. It was expressionless. She was also riding unprotected; she wore only jeans, a tank top, and her sandals. It wasn’t safe, and she wasn’t stupid. Earlier in the day she’d gone out with her boots, leather jacket, and helmet on.

“Where they hell did she go!?” Chase said scanning the distance. “She was right there, now she’s gone!”

“Slow down,” Jamie whispered, “and keep your eyes open.”

They slowed.

A burning sensation raged over Jamie’s tattoo. “Let me out! Let me out! I’m going to be sick!”

Max slammed on the brakes, pulling over. Chase shot out of the truck with Jamie right behind him. She made it two feet off the road before getting sick, losing all of her dinner. She pulled in a deep breath then dry heaved a few times before wiping her mouth and standing up shakily.

“You can leave the truck here.” She croaked to no-one in particular. “This place is deserted.”

Chase took her elbow to help steady her. She shook him off and started walking to the ocean. She stopped short, holding her hand up. “We can’t go any further.”

Max saw Montana and stepped forward.

“No!” Jamie whispered harshly, bringing her arm up so quickly she smacked Max in the chest. “Watch,” She bent down, picked up some sand and tossed it in front of her. The sand stopped in mid air and fell straight to the ground.

“What the hell?” Max growled.

Montana stripped off her clothes and was now wading into the ocean. He wanted to stop her.

“Sterling put up an energy field of some kind. If we go any further he’ll know.”

Chase held up his binoculars. “Max there are sharks swimming around her.”

“Shit!” Max exclaimed taking his binoculars out. “Are you sure there’s no way to get to her?” He watched Montana dive under the water, disappearing in the distance.

“All we can do is wait,” Jamie replied, getting comfortable in the sand.

Jamie jumped up. “I think with some practice I can get through this without him knowing.”

Max glanced at her. His heart had been stuck in his throat for the last hour. Montana hadn’t come up for air. For all he knew she could have drowned and been eaten by the sharks.

Jamie smirked. “She’s fine; he won’t let anything happen to her.” Until he was ready she thought, keeping it to herself.

“How are you going to get through?” Chase asked changing the subject.

“Spells,” She frowned. “Up until now my family had great powers and used them when needed. I practiced, but couldn’t get most of the spells to work right. I still have the book. I’m sure there’s one in there to void that.” She pointed at the energy field no-one else could see.

“How long would you need?” Max grumbled.

“A couple days at least, Sam can watch the shop. I’ll practice until I puke.”

Max’s frown deepened. “What will happen if this Sterling does escape?”

She blew out a breath, “He’ll reap chaos across the world. He can raise the dead. How do you kill something that’s already dead? We may not be able to stop him once he reaches his full power,” she took a deep breath, “then he will kill Montana when he’s done with her, unless he decides he wants to keep her. If he keeps her she’ll be living in a worse state than she already is.”

“Do you have any friends that can help?” Chase asked, his heart sinking.

He knew Max dealt with a lot of strange stuff in his life, but he didn’t think either one of them were prepared for this.

“No, as far as I know my family was the last of the protectors.”

Max raised his eyebrow.

She waved her hand toward the ocean and shrugged. “As far as I know everyone else is dead.”

“Here she comes!” Chase bolted to his feet. “She’s alive!”

Max swung his binoculars back up to his eyes. She was swimming back, finally. He watched the sharks swim around her before gliding back into the dark ocean.

She seemed to float onto the beach, the waves crashed around her ankles into the sand. She reached for her clothes. The moonbeams glowed over the pearls she was wearing. A thick strand of pearl necklaces interlaced her throat, two more thick strands of pearls covered each wrist, and there were strands of pearls hanging off her ears. At least now he knew where her earrings went.

He was amazed she could look so healthy after what he saw this morning. Her body was in great shape, and the pearls brought out her tan, she didn’t even look tired right now. He glanced at Chase. Chase was blushing, but had put down his binoculars to give her some privacy.

“We need to move. I haven’t seen her bike, so I don’t know which direction she’ll be heading in. And I don’t know if she’ll be more aware of her surrounding now either.” Jamie moved in the direction of the truck.

Max stayed behind until Montana was dressed again and gliding towards her bike. She was parked uphill from them making it easier for him to follow her out. Her face was still expressionless.

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