Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.11:2

ec556-moonthumb“Jamie, what’s the news?” Max asked over the phone.

They’d dropped off Montana, changed vehicles, and were keeping an eye on her house.

“Montana is surrounded by gorgeous guys according to Sam.”

He chuckled.

“She is also looking a little worse for wear. Where are you?”

“We’ve got her under surveillance right now.”

“According to my research nothing will happen until the early morning hours.”

She blew out a breath. “I don’t get it Max; I’ve gone through my book several times now. There’s no explanation for him getting her in his clutches. He shouldn’t have that kind of power.”

“There is one explanation.” Max closed his eyes for a second. He really didn’t want to do this.

“You need to tell me.”

“She’s a sensitive. Her instincts were great at picking up other people’s intentions, weird occurrences, and she knew when to invest in a small business or ditch it.”

He glanced at Chase. Chase nodded even though he felt the same way.

“Last winter she was given an injection. It made her too sensitive, so she’s blocked herself off. She’s been doing very well at keeping other people’s emotions at bay.” And everything else he thought.

“What kind of injection?”

“We don’t know.” Max growled. It still upset him he was never able to find out. “It was without her permission.”

“Does the Doc know?”

“Yes.” He cut her off. “He didn’t find anything in her blood work, so he taught her the meditation.”

Too bad, Jamie thought, Doc could fix just about everything.

“I need to do some more research; she might be unwillingly letting Sterling in because she’s blocked against everything else. I’ll join you tonight and let you know what I find.”

“She’s leaving.” Chase said slumping down in his seat.

Max closed his phone and cursed.

“Where the hell did she get that? She’s going to be the death of me.”

Chase laughed as Max started the car. “And you’ll be the one to preach to her right?”

He laughed harder at Max’s dirty look. “You’ve got a Harley too. You both are a lot alike, very secretive.”

“But I know how to ride mine.”

“So does she,” Chase commented watching her ride away.

“I have a feeling she can do a lot of things we don’t know about and will probably never know about.”

Max drove a few car lengths behind her. “She doesn’t have a record.”

“Which only means she was never caught.”

Max grimaced. He knew there was more to Montana than she would ever show. He wanted to know everything.

What had she done last night?

It still irked him that she’d shrugged him off.

They followed her for the rest of the afternoon. She rode the coastline; her only stop was for a cup of coffee before returning home.

“Do you think we should grab some dinner and hang with her for a while? She looks beat and alone.” Chase said frowning as they watched her go inside.

Max thought about it for a minute. He really wanted to, but he was having a hard enough time keeping his hands off of her without being told not to.

“No. We’ll take her somewhere public tomorrow.”

Chase sighed. “This sucks.”

Max nodded.


I made some coffee before going out back for a smoke. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed some sleep. The coffee wasn’t even helping me stay awake.

I yawned, refilled my mug, and slowly climbed the stairs to my bedroom. My legs were having a hard time moving because they were so weary, and I was really close to being brain-dead.

I considered going to the hospital, but what would I say? Hey doc, I’m a sleepwalking cat burglar? Can you help me out? Besides, I didn’t think I was burglarizing anyone. I had the feeling the jewelry were a gift. I wasn’t sure why, but I did. I sighed, it was probably just denial.

I lay on the bed with my eyes closed. I was asleep in two seconds flat and awake two seconds later, bolting upright hands clamping the sheets. I’d been falling again, and the ocean was ready for me. I dragged myself to the bathroom, washed the sweat of my face, grabbed my pillow, and headed back downstairs for the couch and TV.


Night covered Montana’s house. Max stretched. Chase made a food run and then taken a break. Now it was Max’s turn.

All was silent at Montana’s. He really didn’t want to leave, but needed to stretch his legs. Besides he told Jamie he would pick her up for the rest of the surveillance. Sam would take care of the shop for the night.

He stood by his truck working the kinks out of his body while he waited for Jamie. He felt like he was betraying Montana. He just wanted to hold her close, never letting her go again.

“Do you think we should take my car instead?” Jamie asked, walking towards Max. “Montana knows what your truck looks like.”

“No.” Everything he needed was in his truck.

“Max I know this is hard on you…”

He put his hand up silencing her. He didn’t want to talk about it. The betrayal hit him harder every time he thought about it.

“I couldn’t find anything in my research.” Jamie said, climbing into the truck and changing the subject. “But my instincts tell me the injection has something to do with this.”

Max’s eyes narrowed.

“We should call Doc. He might know what to do.”

“No, he’ll want to see her and she’ll get suspicious.”

Jamie kicked the dash. She was feeling just as helpless as Max.

“Let’s see what happens tonight, we’ll make the decision in the morning. If Doc does have to join us I don’t want Montana knowing.”

“Keep in mind you are helping her, not betraying her.” Jamie said on a sigh.

Shit! Was it that obvious to everyone around him?

Jamie chuckled, Max glanced at her. “No Max, I can’t read your mind; I’m great at reading expressions.”

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