Amazon’s done it again:(

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Just a short post on a feature that I would like to see Amazon bring back because I believe in helping Authors like myself.

I noticed a couple of days ago that I no longer have the option of tweeting the books I buy, the other option was to post on facebook which does not exist either. I don’t know if it’s just my account or everyone’s, but I always tweeted the books I bought.  My theory is this gives other readers and authors the option to click on the link and decide if it’s something they are interested in. Plus it’s nice for a little extra bump in promotion for that author. And I’m sure every author could use the help.

I am very sad to see the option to tweet bought book links go and I think it’s wrong on Amazons part to take the feature away. I’m sure their not against making extra money, so why did they do this? I don’t have an answer for that question and I couldn’t find anything on the web.

Anyway this is only my opinion:(

2 Replies to “Amazon’s done it again:(”

  1. I can still tweet that I have bought a book but the link to the book has disappeared in the tweet too. What I have done is copy and paste the link to the book myself and add it to the tweet. That’s all I could think of because I also believe it’s important for the link to be available as part of the tweet itself.

    1. Part of it is that I always seem to be on a time crunch, I was spoiled, it was easy to tweet. I like helping other authors. And I’ve seen that a lot lately with corporations and small business. They got something simple and good but aren’t satisfied so they take it away? Leaving customers unhappy? Customer satisfaction must be a old fad. I wonder if it will ever come back into style? Or I could just be a Grinchy Grinch right now.

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