Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.10

ec556-moonthumbJamie rose earlier than normal, took out her scrying crystal, found a map, and smoothed it out on her bed.

Taking several deep breaths and centering herself she focused on the task at hand. She picked up the crystal by the gold chain it was attached to and slowly passed the crystal over the map.

What she needed the pendulum to do was stop at a certain area on the map. This would show her the approximate spot where the pendant was, unfortunately the crystal only swung around in a circle, which meant the pendant had to be out of the immediate area or in a tightly enclosed space.

To be on the safe side she scried over the ocean, making sure the pendant hadn’t been thrown back in the water. She let out a long breath. It wasn’t in the ocean either.

She kept at it, putting all of her energy into finding the pendant, until she heard Sam’s footsteps in the hall. Frustrated about the whole situation she put the pendulum away, went downstairs, and opened her shop.


Sam was in the back doing inventory when Max and Montana walked in.

Jamie took one look at Montana and could understand why Max had fallen for her, she had to be only 5’2”, but she had a fiery attitude that Jamie was sure kept Max in line. Her hair was copper red with frosty blond streaks weaved through it. She had silvery blue eyes, a cobalt blue nose ring, and tattoos. She also had some serious scars on her left arm Jamie had to force herself not to stare at.

“Find something you like?” Jamie asked walking towards them.

“I did.” Montana said.

Jamie was busy helping Max and some girl when Sam walked out of the back. She stopped dead in her tracks. That was her! She backpedaled into the corner, so she couldn’t be seen, and studied the girl.

That was definitely her! Her hands began to shake. She had to get to the back room so she wasn’t seen. Her feet glued themselves to the spot. All she could do was stare at the girl.

No! No! No! The girl was walking towards her and saying something. All Sam heard was ringing in her ears. Her feet all of a sudden unglued themselves from the floor. She took off to the kitchen.

“Are you alright Sam?” Jamie asked again. Sam had been shaking violently for the last few minutes and it was starting to scare her.

“That’s it I’m taking you to the hospital.” Jamie lifted Sam up from her chair.

“No,” she whispered, “some tea.”

Jamie wasn’t sure what to do. She waited a heartbeat before gently lowering Sam back into the chair. She busied herself making some calming tea for Sam and a pot of coffee for herself. If Sam didn’t stop shaking soon she would take her to the doctor.

She’d just sat back down at the table when Sam whispered, “I was positive she would recognize me, she didn’t.”

The shaking was sporadic now.


“Montana.” Sam said, sounding out the name. “That’s Max’s girlfriend?”


“That can’t be right. She’s the ghost.” Sam’s hands shook violently once.

“Are you sure? I didn’t see anything wrong with her.”

“Yeah. She’s not going to kill me because I recognized her is she?”

“Oh hell! Montana doesn’t know who you are Sam, so don’t worry about that. Are you absolutely sure?”

“You don’t believe me do you?” Sam said with tears in her eyes.

Jamie exhaled, “I do. I was just hoping you were wrong so I wouldn’t have to tell Max.”

Jamie stared at the picture of the ocean on the wall for a few minutes. It had to be Sterling. Jamie was sure Montana didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“Drink your tea and collect yourself Sam, I have to call Max.” She picked up the phone with trembling hands.

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