Sterling-A Montana Dayton Novel Chapt.5


ec556-moonthumbI rolled my Harley into some bushes on the other side of the highway where Max and I found the alcove, stripped, and put on my wet suit.

I’d taken a crash course in scuba diving when I arrived in Florida and swam in the ocean every opportunity I could. Now I was glad I had.

The night was dark and so was the ocean. The stars were out. I knew the moon would be coming over the horizon soon, but still I was a bit spooked. The road was deathly quiet, like I’d stepped into a parallel plane or something.

I searched for any on coming vehicles on the normally busy highway, but didn’t see any. Letting down my barriers I hoped I would sense something, nothing happened. I didn’t pick up any danger, or people in the immediate area.

It could be the pain killer messing with me, I thought. I hated pills, but I didn’t want to be in a ton of pain in the middle of the ocean. I didn’t turn on my flashlight until I crossed the street, walked down the sand dunes, and put on my tank.

Adrenaline rushed through my body as I waded into the water, past the sand bar, and dove into the deep. I had no clue what I was looking for, but if my scars hurt this much in this area then there was something out here.

I knew I had about an hour worth of air in my twin tanks before I needed to rise to the surface. Unfortunately, I forgot my water proof watch. So, not only did I have to keep an eye on my tanks, I also had to keep an eye out for big, territorial, aggressive Bull sharks.

I read on several web sites that sharks mostly feed at night and they mainly stay on the other side of the sand bar, in the deep, where I was swimming now.

I slowly swung my flashlight from right to left. There on my left were several Bull sharks feeding on a bunch of fish. They seemed to be swimming around in circles. My heart almost stopped.

I love sharks. I love reading about sharks and watching them on TV. I would even love to swim with the sharks, as long as I was protected in a cage. This was too close for comfort. My eyes stayed glued on them as I veered to the right, steering clear of where they were feeding. Hopefully the school of fish wouldn’t swim towards me.

I felt better when I couldn’t see the sharks anymore and dove deeper. I kept searching for… hell whatever decided to jump out at me, but didn’t find anything, so I rose to the surface and swam back to the beach. I figured if something wanted to be found down there I would have found it.

Okay, I told myself, this wasn’t a total waste of the night. I would just have to come back and try again. There had to be some reason my scars were reacting to this part of the beach and I would find out what it was. I had to if I wanted to make Florida part of my home.

I trekked back up the sand dunes, over the deserted highway, which still felt strange to me, changed into my clothes and headed home. What I really needed right now was 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I would start fresh in the morning.

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