Off the Beaten Path–Spooked on a full tummy

119-1954_IMGI wanted to do something different this year for Halloween, and have always been curious about the ghost tours in New Mexico. So I contacted a few close friends (9 in total) to see if they would like to join me for dinner out and a private ghost tour. They all jumped at the chance to do be spooked on a full tummy. The closer that night came for our adventure, the more excited we became. Of course, once our venture started we were running late:)



IMG_0692Not letting our lateness damper our fun we headed off to Casa Chimayo Restaurant in downtown Santa Fe. A traditional Spanish food restaurant. I filled up on the calabacitas and goat cheese tamale dish with a freshly squeezed watermelon, agave wine margarita. Holy Cow, Yummy! I don’t remember what the rest of the crew had to eat, but my girlfriend on the right had a green chili, agave wine margarita, and the my girlfriend on the left had a pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno, agave wine margarita. A little strange in the drink dept., I know, but all three drinks were very, very, tasty. (Two of my husbands friends joined us at the restaurant, which brought us up to 11 people.) The more the merrier.


IMG_0693After our fabulous dinner we shot over to the St. Francis Hotel where we met up with our ghostly tour guide, Peter, (for some odd reason I just could get a good picture of him.)Peter explained the hauntings of the Hotel, along with the other stops we would make on the tour. We also picked up a lady who had her curiosity peeked as she listened to Peter. Bringing us up to 12 people total.

I didn’t get any ghostly vibes in this hotel, but the statue of St. Francis did seem to tilt his head to the side when I got close to him.

Next stop-the Santa Fe river:

Legend has it that there was a extremely beautiful lady, who married an extremely handsome man. They had two kids together and moved into an old shack next to the raging river. Her husband got bored of her and went off to find another. Can you figure out what happens next? When he came back with another woman at his side, a year later, he tried to explain to her that she needed to prepare herself for him to take the kids away. He left with the intent to come back for the kids. In a fit of rage and insanity she threw her young babes into the river. Then realizing what she had done she flew down the path, hoping to save them. She tripped, ended up splitting her head open, and died. (For full story check out the ghost tour.) Some people hear her wailing at the rivers edge.

IMG_0695At that spot I had a hard time keeping my focus and didn’t feel like I was standing upright, my body had the sensation of leaning to the right, until we crossed the road to the other side of the St. Francis…

We stopped at two more hotels, and one old hospital- insane asylum that is being renovated into a hotel. The energy in the last three locations ranged in their intensities. The old hospital? Well that place was just creepy.

Happy Halloween!!

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