Moving to a new blog

I tried to move wordpress a few month ago to my website and confused myself silly. Sometimes I have a tendency to make tasks harder than they actually are, but I’m getting better. So I decided to try again! Godaddy was very helpful in getting the initial set up done, I love them. (It didn’t take the first time.)

I like wordpress, but I want to do more on my blog than will allow me to do. Now I’m working with on my new blog.

Moving WordPress files was a tad more difficult. I turned my files into the html codes like I was instructed, but they wouldn’t transfer over to my new blog, and I didn’t want to pay 129.00 for someone at wordpress to transfer everything over for me. What I ended up doing was a separate download html file for my posts only (hoping to do the same for my pages.) That worked. I was able to get all of my posts transferred over. Pages it didn’t work for, so I ended up copying and pasting those over. Not to difficult and Lynn’s Corner is up and ready to go.

Anyway my new bolg is now @

Happy blogging.

This site will be up for a while until I make sure I have everything on my new site.

One Reply to “Moving to a new blog”

  1. Lynn,

    Hi there! I’m on the social media team here at GoDaddy and just wanted to let you know that your new blog looks great! Of course, now I’m wholly intrigued too and I love to read so I may have to spend a lot more time there. I mainly just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the help you received from our teams here and, of course, let you know that we’re always happy to help anytime. Keep up the great blogging and I’ll be over there reading! 🙂
    GoDaddy Social

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