Off the Beaten Path-Valles Calderes Bond House


I was recently offered a free pass for the Valles Caldera Bond House Tour. Valles Calderes is located in the Jemez Mountains, NM. I couldn’t say no. The Calderes has been open to the public now for a few years and I’ve always wanted to drive into the heart of the volcano and hike around a bit, but haven’t had a chance. The view from the road is amazing, but to actually be on the back side of the Caldera and see the road was awesome.



Yes that is a herd of elk. They were bugling the entire time, celebrating the change of seasons. I wish they had been closer so I could get a better picture of them!



IMG_0606Our first stop; the the Bond House. The cabin belonged to an old sheepherder. He lived pretty well back then. It’s now the official Hunting Head Quarters.




Our second stop was the round house. Yes it is round and from what I gather can be rented. Two A-Frames sit up in the hills waiting for guests to take advantage of their cozy warmth. Dubbed the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.

IMG_0613 IMG_0616


From there we took a leisurely drive further back into the Calderes to spot more elk. This was the view back to the Bond House for snacks.


I wish I could fully describe the beauty and vastness of the Calderes in words. And put up all of the pictures I took. But the pictures alone would bog down the blog, and you can drive for days before you leave the Calderes.  Any tour up there is definitely worth taking if your in the area, and you get a great history lessen (though I was too excited to retain much of it). I will be heading back up when time permits for another tour:) This time a hiking tour.



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