Introducing–>>Hildur Enola

???????????????????????????????As this weeks Featured Author

I´m Icelandic, live in Denmark. Fantasy is my favorite genre when it comes to writing, and it shows through in almost everything I write. I´m pretty good at spotting the creepy things, so, from time to time, I will write a horror story.

I´m a member of the Critque Circle both the Icelandic one and the English one. It´s helped me a lot with my writing and also to find like minded individuals who can sympathize with my need to talk excessively about writing, my characters, plot problems etc.

As you may have noticed I have an excellent writing partner, Sirrý Sig. and together we just started our own self publishing, Nostri Publication.
Last year we self published our first collaborative work: One Thing Led to Another. It´s four connected short stories, and right now until the 18th of august, the e-book version is free on amazon:…


18078917Hildur Enóla and Sirrý Sig. present four very different short stories:
The Blood Weeping Table, When Hafsteinn Died, Just the Facts, and My Rose

This is a small world. We all have effect on each other,
one thing leads to another in an unforeseen way.

The Blood Weeping Table
A fantasy about a pampered wife who finds more than she bargained for with
her new desk.

When Hafsteinn Died
A mystery about a woman coming home from a business trip to find her cat
dead, and her girlfriend missing.

Just the Facts
A drama about a down-to-earth family man who begins to suspect his young
stepdaughter of a cold-blooded murder.

My Rose
A realistic horror fiction about a man who falls madly in love with a girl.

18517008Six Icelandic love stories, ranging from sweet romance, to the horrors people can do in the name of love.

Love can move mountains, but can it also cheat death? Can it get you to commit a crime? Would you leave everything to be with the one you love?

The Diamand Necklace
A sweet love story
Icelandic Honey – A Prize-Winning Tale
Creepy but tender
A Friendly Turtle
She did it for love
Mine Forever
A dramatic love story
Night After night
A sentimental love story
Somewhere Sometime Again
She couldn’t let him go

For more of Hildur Enola’s books visit

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