Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 25

Blake Canvass3 smWhen I arrived home I was surprised to find the doc gone. I smirked. He never did tell me his real name. Whether he went out to run an errand or headed home was anyone’s guess, but at least for now I had the house to myself. I threw my keys on the counter and ran upstairs. For some reason I was in the mood to check on all of my business dealings. I needed to get on the computer before the mood left. I looked everything over, my net worth continued to grow at a nice pace.

I finished up and took Killer out onto the deck with me for some sunshine.

I sat on the deck relaxing, when my phone buzzed. I checked the caller ID, Max. I deliberated on answering, by the time I’d made up my mind he’d hung up.

Oh well, maybe next time.

I held onto my phone, realizing that I actually kept it fully charged and with me at all times now. Frowning, I lit a smoke and turned it off. That was one habit I didn’t want to start.

For The next two weeks my life was routine. Wake up, stretch, meditate, work out, ride Lightning, and check on Pumpkin and the kittens.

The vet managed to get through the snow couple times to make sure Pumpkin and her litter were fine. He always laughed at us; said they were healthy, and asked if we’d stop calling him at every small sneeze. What he didn’t understand was if something happened to kitties, Rose would kill us.

Doc never returned, Max didn’t call me back, or if he had, he never left a message. The days were getting slightly warmer and it hadn’t snowed since before I meet with Bear and Tree for lunch. I spent the extra time cleaning my house, which took me two days because I conquered my desk. With my life back in order I didn’t have much left to do.

I found myself checking my phone for messages every day and twiddling my thumbs. I hadn’t seen much of Chase. He’d decided that, since I was doing great, he’d get caught up on work. He drifted back and forth from Rose’s to Max’s, inviting me to join him several times. I declined. I was ready for my vacation to be over.

I needed to decide where my next destination would be, and I needed to figure out if I’d be able to go back to work now that my sensing ability had been compromised.

On a very long, extremely boring day, I decided to let the universe pick my next destination for me. I bought a dartboard off the Internet, and a map of the world.

While I waited for my goodies, I wondered again when Rose would be back. She’d been trying hard to convince her kids she needed to come home, to no avail. I didn’t want to leave without her here to keep an eye on everything. Chase was too busy to do it, and ended up gone for days at a time, taking care of Max’s house and whatever else he took care of.

What did he do for Max? I sighed.

“We have to get out of here, Killer,” I mumbled as I pet him. “You look as bored as I am.”

My map and dartboard arrived in the mail almost a week later. I quickly tore open the box and ran to my office upstairs. I hung the dart board on the wall and pinned the map to it. Grabbing the darts, I took a few steps back and threw one, then another, and another, until I didn’t have any left. I examined the dartboard reviewing the places I’d hit, and cringed. I didn’t want to travel to any of those places.

I needed warm, beach, and sun. I stepped back and threw the darts again, not hitting one appealing place. Maybe I wouldn’t leave it up to the universe. I did this for the next few hours by throwing all of the darts at once, one at a time, two at a time, and three at a time. Still nowhere I wanted to go.

The next morning I grabbed the darts and chucked them at the dartboard. Without looking I went downstairs for coffee then hit the shower. I’d just gotten dressed and turned on my phone, when it rang. I picked it up, walking to the dartboard while answering.

“Hey Rose, how are you?”

“I’ll be better in two days,” she whispered.

“Does that mean you’re coming back?”

“Yes and I can’t wait. Finally! Bear’s going to pick me up at the airport. What are your plans?”

I grinned. “It looks like I’m going to have to leave for a while. I’m happy you’ll be back to take care of things.”

“I thought Chase was doing that.”

“He is, but since Max left he’s been working double time. How did you do it Rose?”

“Oh, I’ve been a bitter old lady this last month, bitched about everything, and have driven my kids to almost moving out of their own house.”

Laughter rang in her voice.

“They decided they would send me back to drive you crazy for a while.”

“It sounds like they finally came to their senses,” I said with a chuckle.

“Yes they did. I would ask you where you’re going but you’re never in one place for very long so it probably doesn’t matter. I can’t keep up anyway. How’s Pumpkin?”

“Becoming a bitter old lady. She can barely move around. The kittens are constantly hungry. But don’t worry we’ve had the vet out a few times. It’s a waiting game now, and you’re the perfect person to take care of her. I’ll make sure she knows you are coming home to save her from her little mongrels.”

Rose giggled with excitement, “I can’t wait to see her. And I can’t wait to meet the new babies.”

“You’d better be careful Rose. Bear might start feeling left out.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to see Bear, either.” Silence.

“What’s up Rose? Is there a problem between you two?”

“No, no, but I might as well tell you now since I won’t be seeing you.”

I waited a beat.

“Bear’s asked me to work with him full time, and I said yes. That won’t be a problem will it?”

I laughed as I pulled the darts out of the board. I was actually expecting her to say they were getting married.

“It’s not a problem. Will you still be able to take care of my garden or should I hire someone?”

“No, don’t hire anyone. I love working in that room.”

“Good, I miss you Rose.”

“I miss you too. Call me when you get to wherever, or better yet I’ll call you when I get home.”

“Talk to you later, Rose.”

“And it’s about time,” she said before hanging up.

I spent the rest of the day packing and making double sure I had everything in order. I gave Lightning a kiss goodbye, and checked on Pumpkin a couple of times. I searched around for Chase, but couldn’t find him anywhere, so I headed back to my house to write him a note.



I had to leave unexpectedly. You’re more than welcome to stay in the cabin anytime you need. Rose will be back in a couple of days. Take care.

  Love Montana

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