Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 23:2

Blake Canvass3 smChase changed into his Santa outfit and dressed Killer in his elf outfit. Killer thumped his tail on my bed, ready to go. I grinned, Killer, would have a blast around the kids. Chase moaned about leaving my side. The Doc ended up kicking him out the door, with the presents we’d bought for the kids. He explained, again, to Chase, it would be good for him to be away from me for a while. I, on the other hand, was ecstatic to get out of attending the Christmas party, even if it meant I was stuck in bed.

The Doc glared at me, shaking his head. He was ready for me to nose dive back into my body. Honestly, so was I. I’d finally broken the fever and was healing nicely. The poison was almost completely out of my system and I was on the road to recovery. Doc had added something, to fade the big, ugly scars from the gashes, to my daily regimen. The good news: the balm had worked on the spike marks on my chest and stomach. Those had disappeared completely.

Chase stumbled in late that night, more than a little drunk. He landed hard on my bed, flopped his arm over me, and passed out with his butt up in the air and his knees slightly tucked under him. His feet dangled over the side of the bed. I tried to push his butt down to make him more comfortable, but just like before my hands sunk into his muscles.

The next morning when my phone rang, Chase jumped and crashed to the floor. I laughed. The Santa beard had twisted to the side of his face during the night. The hat hung halfway off his head. His left boot was skewed around facing the wrong direction, and now he laid on his back, arms tucked under him, on the floor, looking like he’d been hit by a mack truck.

He snaked one of his arms out from underneath his back, and fumbled with the phone for a minute. The bland expression on his face was priceless. He moaned, scrubbed his other hand over his face and through his hair, attempting to get his brain to work again.

“Chase, are you all right? Is everything all right there? Where’s Montana?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s good here. Montana’s down with the flu and you just woke me up.”

Rose giggled, “I heard you had a little too much fun at the party last night, that’s why I waited until 11 to call.”

Chase frowned, glanced at the clock, then glanced at the phone. I was wondering when he was going to figure it out.

“Hold on Rose,” he said as he turned the speaker off.

“Are you still there?” Chase asked.

“No, you don’t need to come home early, she’s fine.”

“She’s sleeping right now.”

“Yes, I’ll have her call you as soon as she can. Merry Christmas to you too.”

“All right, bye.”

Chase hung up the phone and crawled into the bathroom. I listened to him get sick, flush the toilet, and turn on the shower. When he stepped out of the bathroom the Doc handed him something that smelled noxious.

“Drink it.”

Chase cringed at the thought.

“Drink it,” the Doc growled.

Plugging his nose, Chase drank the murky liquid in three gulps, before running back into the bathroom. The Doc chuckled, aiming his twinkling eyes at me.

“He will not get sick again. He will feel better within ten minutes.” Chuckling again he headed back downstairs.

Chase walked out of the bathroom a little green, holding his stomach.

“I’m not drinking again anytime soon,” he said to no one in particular.

After about ten minutes he got up from my bed and stretched the kinks out of his muscles.

“I need the recipe for that potion.” Chase mumbled as his phone rang.

“Hey girl, how’s it going?”

Alexis giggled through the phone.

“Merry Christmas to you too.”

Since I couldn’t go anywhere I was privy to Chase’s side of the conversation, it made me blush.

After the graphic sex talk, Chase grinned wide, blushed. “Montana? Yeah, she’s here, but she’s sick. I’ll have her call you. Don’t be a stranger.” He hung up and chuckled.

My phone rang.


“Hi, you must be Rita. I’m Chase, a friend of Montana’s.”

“Yes, just a friend.”

“I’m not sure she’s ready to settle down yet.”

“No, I don’t think she’s dating anyone.”

That was just like my mom, to grill someone else about my love life.

“The casino with the girls, huh.”

“No, she’s not available right now.” He repeated the same story, promising I’d call when I was better.

As the day wore on I started to worry about my sister. She hadn’t called yet, and it wasn’t like I could pick up the phone and call her. This whole situation was upsetting. I wanted to answer my own phone; to talk to my family. I wanted to go outside and feel the sun on my face. I lunged at my body and bounced right back to where I’d been standing. Damn it. I was cursing myself when my phone finally rang.

“Hello,” Chase answered.

“Who is this?” My sisters voice boomed on the other end.

Chase went through the same spiel again. Zoë grilled him about our relationship. Chase smirked; getting a real kick out of the conversation until something made him frown.

“What happened to Charlie?”

“A new bike for Christmas.”

“The emergency room.”

I wanted to smack Chase and have him put the phone on speaker, so I could listen in. I moved closer to him.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is she all right?”


“Actually she’s not available. She’s sleeping off the flu.”

“I promise she’ll call as soon as she can.”

He hung up and tapped me on the head with his knuckles.

“You have to wake up now, Montana, Charlie needs to talk to you.” He sighed. “Your sister’s husband thought it would be great to give her a new bike for Christmas. Of course Charlie was thrilled and insisted they take her to the park where she promptly broke her arm. She’d convinced them she was adult enough and didn’t need the training wheels.” He smiled. “Sounds like your niece has a little dare devil in her. Anyway, you need to call her back so she can brag about it to you.”

He thumped my head again, then got up to turn on the TV. “I hope I’m done talking to your family for the day.”

He sat in my chair, leaving me standing, and closed his eyes. His phone rang. He ignored it. After a few minutes it rang again. Letting out a long exhale he checked the caller ID.

“Hi Max.”

“Same to you.”

“No, she’s still the same.”

“No, the Doc promises she’ll be fine. I’m sure he knows something we don’t.”

“No, he says she’s all there and not to worry about any brain damage or anything.”

That was a relief to hear.

“Yeah, the poisons close too fully out of her system.”

“No, he can’t get rid of the scarring.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Chase leaned over and smacked me on the head this time. “I’m tired of reporting the same thing every day. I feel like a broken record so get your shit together.”

Okay. I got the hint, vacation time was over. Chase closed his eyes, and soon fell into a deep sleep. I sat by my body, wondering how I was going to get back in.

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