Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 22

Blake Canvass3 sm“She’s over here Max! And she’s burning up!”

Was that Chase’s voice?

Several hands caressed my body.

“We need to get her home. Call the doc and have him meet us there.” A hoarse voice replied.

Was that Max? Did he sound scared? I tried to open my eyes, they were too heavy. Was I dreaming of getting rescued? If so I didn’t want it to end, just a few more minutes and I’d wake up.

“It’s over. You’re going to be fine, Montana,” Chase whispered in my ear. “Man look at all this blood.”

“Over here!” Max yelled. “It looks like she did a number on him. We need to take him too. Go get the extra gear while I get some pictures.”


“The Doc should be here soon. I’m really worried, Max, she’s got some major gouges in her flesh.”

“I’ll get her upstairs, send Doc up when he gets here, and keep an eye on her captor.”

Their voices drifted over the low hum in my head. I tried to sit up, open my eyes, speak. Nothing on my body would budge. Even thinking took much effort at this point.

Max lifted me gently and carried me to the bed. He removed my cloths, and wiped my skin off with a warm, wet, cloth, starting with my feet, and covering me with a blanket as he worked his way up. The cloth became cooler the closer he got to my face. The gentle caress relaxed my aching muscles; I started dreaming about that bath again.

Ouch, that hurt. Another stabbing pain, another pin prick. I jerked my leg up, hitting something.

Light laughter.

“Hold her down so you do not get kicked again.”

“Is she going to be all right?”

“I honestly cannot tell you right now Max. She has lost a lot of blood, has a high fever, and has too much poison pumping through her system. Not to mention she is dehydrated and has not had any food. How long did you say she was missing?” The doctor replied.

“Five days. Between the last storm and pinpointing the location from the GPS signal on her phone it took us that long to find her.”

“If she makes it through this it is going to take time for her health to come back. Hold her arm down so I do not get punched, I am going to get an IV in her with some fluids and antibiotics. The pain killers will have to wait until we figure out what kind of poison has caused this.”

He inserted a needle into my arm, making me cringe inwardly.

“After I get this set up we will go downstairs and extract some of the poison out of.., well out of that thing down there.”

“Get as many samples as you need before the morning. That’s when I’ll be taking him back.”

What! That thing was in my house! I want it out of my house! I wanted to scream at Max to kill it and take it to the dump. I want to scream at him not to leave.

He planted a light kiss on my lips before they left the room. I fell back into a fitful sleep, waking up periodically to rustling noises around me.

The next time I came around pressure was being applied to my wounds. I waited for the pain to follow, but nothing happened. I opened my eyes. Even though my vision was still blurry the first person to come into view was Max. He sat next to me on the bed, holding my hand. His handsome, rugged face was a sight for sore eyes. I wanted to rub my fingers through the thick whiskers covering his chin, but my hand wouldn’t lift off the bed, and the many emotions flowing through him made my head swim.

I sighed and redirected my attention to the doctor. He bent over me, the epitome of calm, applying pressure to my scrapes and gouges. I tried to turn my head in his direction and found my head refused to move. I wanted to ask why, but I was too doped up to get the words from my mind to my lips, so I looked at him questionably.

“I have got it immobilized for the time being. You were thrashing around and I didn’t want it re-injured.”

Could he read minds? I glanced at Max. He looked really haggard, but nodded at me and smiled.

“Max wants to know what happened. I told him not to get his hopes up about you talking right now. I am glad to see that you are awake.” The Doc smiled. “I think I have been able to get your fever under control, for now anyway. You are beat up pretty bad and have a slight concussion.” He rolled his chair closer to me, and stared into my eyes, making sure I understood what he was saying. “Those are the least of your concerns.”

Boy, the Doc looked old and wiped out this close up. I focused on his lips in attempt to comprehend his words; my brain was already floating away.

“Every time he scratched you he injected poison into you from his claws.”

That made sense.

“I believe I have figured out what kind of poison and I am working on treating it, but he managed to pump a good amount into your body….”

I felt like I was disembodied, I couldn’t concentrate on his words anymore, so I closed my eyes. The last thing I heard was the doctor telling Max that it would be touch and go for a while. I swam to the surface again in time to hear Max talking.

“I have to go. I’ll keep in touch. I’ve asked the Doc to do a few more blood tests after the poisons out of her system to see if there’s some kind of cure for whatever my employers pumped into her. Keep me informed.”

A light kiss wafted over my cheek.

“Will do, I’ll keep an eye on everything for you. Take care Max.”

Chase sat down and grasped my hand. “You’re going to be as good as new soon, I promise.”

I drifted off again.

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