Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 21:2

Blake Canvass3 smHis lips were pulled back over his teeth, reminding me of a barracuda, jagged and sharp. A burning sensation began to climb up my arm, making me wonder if he had some kind of poison in his claws. That pissed me off. If I was going down so was he. I ran at him, catching him off guard, and kicked him hard in the stomach. He landed flat on his ass, I smiled at him in triumph. It was about time someone else ended up down there besides me.

He jumped back up and shouldered me in the ribs, knocking the wind out of me. I landed on my hands and knees close to the fire. Breathing hard I grabbed a burning log and swung it full throttle against his leg. The smell of burnt flesh filled my nose. He jumped back and came at me again, slashing his claws across my side as I brought the blade up and sliced diagonally from his kidney to his navel, drawing blood. My side was on fire now, and dizziness started to flow through me, giving me a sense of vertigo. I blinked my eyes a few times to bring them back into focus, rolled onto my feet, jumped up, and kneed him with all my strength in the area where I was hoping his nads would be. He dropped to the ground wheezing. I stood there for a moment trying to catch my breath.

As I took a step forward, my eyes blurred and my head began to swim. I stepped back, leaned against the wall, blinking my eyes fiercely until I got my vision back, and seemed steadier. That minute gave him all the time he needed to recover and come at me again. In one swift motion I slid down the wall and brought the knife up, stabbing him in the stomach, and twisting it as far into his gut as the blade would allow. He fell heavily on top of me.

The burning from the gashes on my arm progressed to my shoulder, and the burning from my side slowly forged its way down my leg, making it difficult for me to move. The torn flesh on my chest stung.

I sat there with tears in my eyes. I needed to move, to get home and clean out my wounds before they became worse. With the remaining strength I had I pushed him off of me and onto the floor. My hands shook as I pulled the rope out of my pocket.

My vision blurred, again. I shook my head hard to clear it, making myself nauseous in the process. The ground under me shifted and trails of light flickered around me. His chest rose with shallow breaths. As quick as I could I tied the pieces of rope together, though I felt like I was moving in slow motion. Carefully I flipped him onto his stomach with my foot, avoiding blatantly staring at the big pool of blood gurgling out of him, and pulled his hands behind his back. Just the sight of the spikes, not horns, on his back covered with my blood made me sick. I swallowed hard and tightly bound his wrists together. I took the scarf off my neck, wondering how I managed not to get strangled with it, and tied it tight around his ankles, bringing it up and tying it to the rope around his wrists in the same fashion he’d tied me. After that was done I crawled over to the fire and attempted to empty my stomach. With no food and little water I only managed dry heaves.

Dizziness consumed me. I wasn’t going to make it out. I was burning up. I crawled to the back side of the fire, away from the mutant thing and laid down. The pain and burning from his claws was getting worse. I took note of the damage. My whole arm and side were red and inflamed and it was spreading. I sighed. I glance at the exit, only being able to see a few feet ahead of me.

My last thought was I’d figure out what to do right after I rested. I rolled over to my semi unhurt side with my back to the fire and closed my eyes.

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