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I could start with- My mom read to me when I was a kid-  she did, but I’ll skip that part. I really wanted to be an artist while I was growing up. And I wasn’t to bad at it either.

I’m going to fast forward to my heart throbbing teenage years. I used to read a ton of romance books. I’m sure most teenage girls do. I mean, back then my dreams consisted of the handsome man rescuing me from immanent danger, and I so wanted a happily ever after. Not in the fairy tale way, but in the way of having a soul mate.

Then a girlfriend of mine introduced me to soft porn. I must of had a permanent blush on my face throughout the couple of books I read. I stopped reading them because I really wasn’t a soft porn kind of teen.

My mom was fairly strict so I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies until I turned 16, even though I did. My first was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I refused to walk alone a night for at least two months after watching it. I lived in an area where canyons surrounded me, and my imagination firmly told me anything could happen. Eventually  I watched The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. My imagination soared with that movie. I kept my eye on any swooping, congregating birds for a long time. A few months later I happened to walk in on my mom watching The Stand by Stephen King. Stephen King peeked my interest to the point where I’ve read close to every book he’s put out. Although I Love Stephen King I wouldn’t want to live with his dark imagination. I’d find monsters in everyone and jump at the slightest sound. LOL

In my 20’s I started dreaming of writing a book, but I couldn’t seem to come up with a whole story. Every story I thought of started in the middle of a book and ran on until the ending. No beginning would come to me. And since I had a gypsy personality back then (I couldn’t seem to stay in one spot for long) I let the dream slide into the recess of my mind.

To make a long story short I got pregnant and ended up settling down. On my off time from a busy life books became my escape again. When my son hit his teenage years and gave me the “I don’t need you hovering over me but I still need you speech” I decided to finally sit down and write, just to see if I could do it. My first book, Blake- A Montana Dayton Novel flowed out of me easily, and many other stories continued to rise to the surface. I now have two novels and two short story books out on Amazon and a few other places. The stories continue to flow. I’m in the process of writing a YA and another Dark Fates short story. Life has gotten busy again, so now it’s all about finding the time to write.




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