Boo:( #StateFarm

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! I hear this jingle all of the time, but in my case, sooo not true.


If anyone’s read some of my recent blog posts you’d know I’ve had more problems and spent too much time, (which I have little of), and energy staying on top of State Farm. I’m not sure if its my representative or State Farm in general? But I really need to get this off my chest and move on. I’m in the process of looking for another insurance company right now.

2 years ago I had several roofers out to look at my roof due to hail. Hail Damage! Hail Damage! Hail Damage! Okay, that was expected. We’d had some serious storms in the last couple of years, plus my roof is pretty old.

I’ve had State Farm as my insurance company for longer than I can remember and have never had a claim with them- they opened a claim for me and sent out one of their guys to look at the roof. I’m not sure if this guy was trained to do his job, because he quoted “I have at least 10 more years on my roof.” Okay, fine. Over the next year roofers were flooding my town. A lot of houses were getting new roofs due to hail damage. Hmm, after a few more random visits from roofers, letting me know I had a good amount of damage to my roof, I headed back up to State Farm.

Of course, they, (State Farm) refused to open another claim for me and send out a different inspector.

“You need to wait until your roof leaks before we will send anyone else out to your house, we’d rather not pay out any claims if we don’t have to??”

This is one of the reasons I have insurance, right? I’m not the type of person to put in a claim if I don’t have to (I try to keep my life as simple as possible.) Frustrating!!! Hopefully my roof wont fall in while I’m waiting to get a leak! Monsoon season hits and we get hammered. And, guess what? Bedroom ceiling opens up with a leak. Back up to State Farm. They open a second claim and have an inspector come down. This new inspector shakes his head at me and asks… Why didn’t State Farm  fix your roof with the first claim? I shrugged my shoulders, “My roof wasn’t leaking?” The new inspector opens my first claim… so now I need to find a roofer…

Holy Cow!! Half the roofers don’t call me back; the ones I talked to before set appointments, but don’t keep them. What a mess. Then I find out roofers are about 4 months out with work in this area. After about a month and a half I finally find a roofer, (more expensive than the others to do the job) the only problem is he can’t get to my roof for another 4 months. He can however fix some of the leaks. When I talk to him after he’s patched what he can he tells me that I’m very lucky my skylight didn’t fall in from the hail damage. Thank goodness, I think. I don’t need two holes in my ceiling, even though the sky light leak is visible on my living room ceiling.

Hmm.. At that point it would have been cheaper to have gotten my roof fixed before the leaks, State Farm didn’t agree with me.

So we’ve got rain, snow, and some nice air conditioning coming into the bedroom during this last winter. I mean we can’t fix the hole in the ceiling until the roof is no longer leaking. Now the roof has been fixed, and moving onto replacing the drywall, making sure no mold has grown up there, checking the skeleton of the attic to make sure none of the wood is rotted out, installation, etc… and waiting on painting. For some reason my lights are no longer working, need to check the wiring. All because State Farm didn’t want to pay out! I’ve been paying them for years!! And now their paying out more than they would have before! Yep, makes perfect business sense.

Their jingle is so untrue. it should be against the law:)

I’ve heard rumors that there are other insurance companies out there that actually give a damn:)

During this time I also had go into State Farm several times before work (gotta stay on top of them) to get different quotes on the insurance of the house. I’ve been paying more the last few years than I need to. With the economy crashing, my house is just not worth what it used to be. So with about 3 months of pressuring them, they finally dropped my payments to a more reasonable amount. I’m still paying a good amount more than my houses actually worth, but that’s all right with me.

I understand the need for insurance companies to rope you in, take your money, and spend it unwisely. I get it! That’s the way of the world now-a-days. Shows you how much we’ve fallen as a society, but still… are there any Corporations out there that looks past greed? How about good costumer service? Costumer service is a rare commodity these days.

I’ve also been told more horror stories these last years on how State Farm treats their costumers and refuses legitimate claims on a regular basis, but those stories are not for this post.

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