#Warning–May be bad for your Dogs health!

I have a 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab mix (will be 11 in 2 weeks.) We would go out 4-5 days a week for fairly long walks and I noticed she was slowing down a little, feeling her age. I had just recently taken her in for a physical and she was in great health. I’ve always given her some sort of vitamin and started joint pills when she turned seven. I thought I was feeding her healthy dog food too.

Three weeks ago she started having seizures, and I’m not talking just one. Within a 30 hour time frame she had 8!!! I rushed her up to the vet after the first seizure and they pulled some of her blood to make sure she wasn’t toxic and didn’t have an infection. 7 seizures later we were able to put her on PHENobarbatol. This medication stopped the seizures, but now she’s acting like she’s 200.

While in the process of trying to figure out what happened to make my dog have seizures I ran into some not so pretty information.

*Note: I also have a cat that is 10 years old and she is allergic to just about everything-including shots, so I don’t use toxic anything in my house or yard.*

Raw Hide Bones: I’ve been giving these to my dog for years as a Christmas present (the extra long ones.) Full of heavy metals, made in China, even if the label say it’s made in Arizona or some other state. They still buy them from China!!! Many older big dogs and small dogs have had seizures from these!!!

Milk Bones: Have formaldehyde added to them– very toxic.

Many dog foods have wheat and corn as there main ingredient. Corn is hard to digest and all wheat has bromine in it, hmm… eating bromine may be a tad easier on the system than eating chlorine….

Natural Pet foods: Watch these, some have been recalled due to salmonella poison.

I didn’t do research on any more pet foods. I’d had my fill after researching those. Right now I’m making her my own special recipe, black rice, veggies without corn, chicken broth, and boiled chicken for protein. I’m sure the recipe will change once I do some more research, but at least I know what she’s getting and it may even be cheaper than the dog food prices on the cheapest dog food. I’ve also noticed that since I changed out her dog food her breath doesn’t stink as much.

*Just a heads up on what you may be feeding your pet. I know seeing my 88 pound dog going into seizures is frightening, it doesn’t matter if its the 3 time or 8th. Could I have prevented it? Maybe? If I ever decide to own another dog I know now what NOT to feed them.*

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