Introducing–>>N.R. Champagne

As this weeks Featured Author

N.R. ChampagneN. R. Champagne joined the Navy at age 25 and has been something of a gypsy ever since, having lived in many different places and done many different jobs. Currently she lives in Scotland with her retired British husband. She has a degree in history and is writing full-time. She enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and documentaries, cooking, and “rambling” in the woods and fields of southern Scotland.

genre Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Lonely engineer Miranda Jones finds the new guy at work attractive, but rather strange. She’s unaware that Jared is Irin, an ancient race with supernatural abilities descended from the Fallen Angels, or that he has been sent to protect the company while it develops a revolutionary new green technology. A passionate love grows between Jared and Miranda, but Jared’s people forbid it. Meanwhile, Jared’s outcast twin brother Gareth is consumed by hatred, jealousy and a desire for revenge. When he learns that Jared is out in the human world on a mission, Gareth jumps at the chance to destroy his brother and everything he loves. Miranda finds herself caught up in a holy war between the two immortal brothers. Alone, she must attempt a desperate and dangerous journey to win a love that is far from certain.

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