Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 11

Blake Canvass3 smTrina was of Asian descent, with long black flowing hair, big brown almond shaped eyes, and clear olive skin. And, of course, had a career as a model.

Alexis was Trina’s personal makeup and hair artist. Her long rich curly brown hair with golden streaks and hazel eyes could drop any guy to his knees, along with the perfect tan. I could see both of them posing for the camera. They were both thin with long legs and very tone bodies.
The men were in the kitchen cooking, “us” girls were kicked back in front of the fire. Alexis eyed me for a second, jumped up and flew out the front door. She ran back into the house with a backpack slung over her shoulder.
“I have an absolutely fabulous idea,” she grinned, pulling me up off the couch. “Where’s your bedroom?”
I pointed her in the right direction.
“Come on,” she tugged my arm and led the way. “This is such a wonderful house! We should think about buying something like this up here Trina.”
Trina just smiled. She dumped out the contents of the backpack on my bed, sorted some items out, and placed them to the side.
Alexis stepped into the bathroom and started the water running in my Jacuzzi. She re-materialized at the bathroom entrance, holding her hand out, Trina handed her a bottle and she disappeared back into my bathroom. The scent of Patchouli and vanilla enveloped the upstairs loft.
“Okay Montana, were ready for you, get undressed.”
The look I gave her made her giggle.
“You’re in wonderful hands.” Trina said.
“It’s the least we can do for you for feeding us.” Alexis grinned.
I glanced at the backpack and all the lotions and potions surrounding it.
“Alexis wouldn’t part with any of this stuff when we left. I tried to tell her we wouldn’t need it camping, but now I’m glad she brought it.”
I started to undress. “Where do you want me?”
“In the Jacuzzi would be great.”
The water smelled wonderful, so I slid into the tub. I was going to enjoy this. My world had been turned upside down recently, I deserved to get pampered.
Alexis applied thick greenish-brown goop on my face and neck while Alexis started brushing my hair, adding more goop to it.
“Why aren’t you modeling Alexis?”
“I used too, but I couldn’t stand the yelling and screaming that went with it. The dieting sucks too. I like to eat what I want when I want, besides my heart really is in the creating and making of masterpieces for the models to show off.”
“She means makeup and hair,” Trina said, “and since when do you need to diet?”
“Models are my masterpieces when I’m done with them!” She said, exasperated.
I wanted to grin at that one, but the goop she’d plastered on my face was hardening.
“So tell me about that big hunk of man down there,” Trina sighed, “he’s really into you.”
I wanted to tell her she could have him, but the paste had dried and my facial muscles were tight.
“We’re on a sabbatical from men,” Alexis said, “but I would take on Chase in a heartbeat if we weren’t. If you ever want to try the other side, let us know.” She winked at me.
Both of the would definitely be my type, if my type was female. I wasn’t at that point in my life and hopefully never would be. I closed my eyes while I soaked until a timer went off somewhere.
“All right Montana, I hope you can hold your breath because we need you to rinse all this off.” Alexis pushed me under the water.
Once I rinsed off the goop, and was dry, Alexis sat me on the bed and started making me into a masterpiece.
“All done,” She said, about ten minutes later, “I’m going downstairs to check on dinner, I’ll be right back.”
“This is Alexis product, what we used in the water.” Trina handed me a bottle. “Its oil free, so you don’t have to worry about shampooing your hair out after you use it. When you need more just call her.”
“Can’t I buy it on line?”
“No, we’ve been trying to market it, but haven’t found any companies interested right now.”
“Is there any side effects?”
“Not that we can tell. It’s made only with all natural products and we’ve used it for years without any problems.”
“Do you have a name for it?”
“Not yet, were having a hard time coming up with one because the product is so versatile. She made a scent free one we can use at the hot springs. It’s really nice because its water soluble and doesn’t pollute the environment.”
“Make sure you leave your information with me Trina. I invest in small businesses for a living and if I like this product we might be able to work something out.” I smiled. I liked them both.
Trina threw her arms around me in a tight hug and jumped up and down. “Thank You! I have got to tell Alexis!”
“Tell me what? Dinners ready, they’re setting the table right now.”
I yanked my clothes on. Trina raced over to Alexis, wrapped her arms around her in a huge hug, and swung her back and forth.
“I’ll tell you later. It’s wonderful news, you’ll love it!”
We raced down the stairs to find coffee brewing, a fire burning, and tons of food on the table.
“This looks wonderful,” I said, glancing at the boys. All four guys sat, staring at me.

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