Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel Ch. 8:2

Blake Canvass3 smI finished with my shower, took my amulet off the bathroom counter and put it around my neck, praying there was some kind of Mojo in it to protect me from the awful sensations I kept getting hit with. I dressed in some jeans, a thick sweater, and applied a touch of makeup before descending the stairs, and wandering into the kitchen. Max stood next to the stove frying bacon. I gazed at the fluid movements of his muscles as he flipped the meat and sliced through tomato’s. I couldn’t resist peeking over his shoulder to see what he was cooking, BLTs, yummy. I could get used to him hanging out in my kitchen. With a sly smile he turned toward me. I backtracked.

“When is Chase coming back over?” I asked, sticking my head in the fridge and pulling out Rose’s rosemary bundles.
“I sent him shopping; he’ll be back later this afternoon. What is that?” He pulled the bundles out of the bags.
“This is from Rose, it’s supposed to provide protection.”
“Rosemary?” He said, chuckling.
“I’m going to hang it outside, maybe it will keep that thing off my porch.”
He laughed. “I’ll go with you after we eat.”
I also pulled out a steak for my knight in shining armor, after all Killer did have something to do with Max coming to rescue us. I sat down to count the bundles of rosemary. Rose had made up ten for me, now if only they would magically kept the psycho creature and his nests away. I wasn’t too optimistic about it, but anything at this point was worth a try.
“What’s going on?” I asked after chewing down a big bite of bacon, lettuce, and tomato deliciousness.
“It’s classified, so I can’t tell you much until I get the proper authorization. I’m working on it right now, since your life is in danger.”
“What can you tell me?”
“That thing is a male and he seems highly interested in you, which isn’t his normal behavior, animals can’t sense him, and he’s hard to see.”
“I already know these things, tell me something new.” Why couldn’t I get some straight answers out of him? Screw classified!
Max let out I sigh, contemplating what to tell me. “I’ve been tracking him for quite a while. I need to capture and return him, hopefully alive. Unfortunately you moving up here has made my life more difficult. He’s taking extra precautions to cover up his tracks now.” His face hardened as he raked his gaze over me. “He has a high intelligence level and is brutally dangerous when he feels threatened. Remember that.”
“Don’t give me any grief Montana. You may not be intimidated by me, but you’d better be intimidated by him, he’s very dangerous.”
Max was wrong, he did intimidate me and that thing did scare me.
“So what do we do now?”
“You’re coming to my house so I can make some calls. Speaking of calls, I put my number in your cell phone this morning and I now have yours in mine. Remember that.”
Max’s eyes became intense and his lips curved up in a semi smile, “Just like that? I thought you didn’t like me and would fight me to the end.” He said purring.
“Cut it out Max. I don’t want to see you dead.”
“So you do like me?”
“Maybe,” I sighed under my breath. I stood and reached for the rosemary, Max cornered me, swung me into his arms and lightly brushed his lips across my face. My pulse quickened as his eyes fixed on mine; his lips covered mine, softly, but possessively. The kiss seemed to go on forever, sending little electrical bolts through my body, growing into an intense longing. I was about ready to have my way with him when he reluctantly drew back.
“Let’s get this done,” his voice grumbled in a hoarse whisper. A strong scent of rosemary wafted up into the air from Max almost crushing tender herbs in his fist.
My heart slammed in my chest, my legs were weak, I opened my mouth to speak, but no words would come out. My feet seemed to grow roots into the floor. A kiss had never had that affect on me before and it unraveled my very being. Yes, he intimidated me.
Max put his hand on my back, pushing me gently toward the door while keeping some distance between us at the same time.
I slid into my boots without bothering to lace them, put on my jacket, and checked my gun. Max handed me my smokes and we went out to hang the rosemary, making Killer join us.
“He doesn’t like the snow.” I said with a slight grin. My heart was slowly coming back down to the “normal” range and my head was starting to clear. I found Killer’s attempt to tiptoe through the white fluff amusing, even though he was failing miserably. Max glanced at Killer as he began to hang the rosemary.
“How many do you want to hang?”
“Just two, one by the front door and one by the back door.”
Done with the first bundle Max grabbed my wrist and hauled me over to the back door to hang the second bundle, then hauled me to the front door again to let Killer inside.
“You’re being a little dramatic aren’t you?” I rubbed my wrist. I wished he would stop touching me. I couldn’t think clearly when he did and I needed to think clearly.
“I don’t want you out of my sight right now.”
“He isn’t here right now.”
“Doesn’t matter.”
We locked up and climbed onto his snowmobile.
“Hold on tight.” He said revving the engine and taking off.
“Men and their toys.” I mumbled to myself, enjoying the wind in my hair and the feel of Max’s body against mine.

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