Scrivener- Part Two: for Amazon

I have finally bought Scrivener. I was working with the free trail for a while and decided that this software was definitely worth having. Working with has been interesting and so far fairly easy, so here I am at part two of my new adventure into the not so known… ( link for the post on (Scrivener: Part One )

I have uploaded one of my novels to break apart and read one more time before it goes to print and am slowly getting through reading it due to life’s demands.

My next stopping place in Scrivener is the find and replace option.

Find and Replace– easier than I thought it would be. The find and replace is in the tool bar under edit and find. Piece of cake, it just took me a few minutes to find:)

Word Definitions- This is cool! If you highlight a word and right click on it you can scroll down to writing tool and look up that word in several different locations- google, wiki, dictionary, thesaurus, etc..

Formatting- For paragraph changes: Highlight or click in front of what you would like to change the go to format-text-spacing, add your changes then click okay and yes to changing spacing.

Text Size- Highlight the words you want to change and make changes with the tool bar on top of the page.

Bookmarks- contents, hightlight chapt. one etc.., left click scrivener links, link to chapt. one etc.

Page Breaks- Edit, insert, page break

Images- Edit, insert, image from file

Linking TOC- Highlight Chapt. one.. etc., left click, scrivener links, manuscript, chapt one… (Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to keep the scrivener links. When I compiled everything into PDF format the links disappeared, so I had to download into open office and re-link everything:()

Compiling– Before you start to compile you need to go into contents and make sure everything you want in your book is checked “as is.”

For separators I used Text-empty line, Folder- empty line, Folder& Text- empty line, Text & Folder-Page Break.

Formatting- Level 1+ I checked title, Level 1+ I checked title, and the next level 1+ I checked text– there is also a italic blue A in the left hand corner–click on that and you can adjust your formatting size, font, etc. on all levels for compiling.

Happy Scivenering!:)

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