February Posts Revisited?: Happy Valentines Day!!

IMG_0530 IMG_0532

Back to Don Quixote Winery and Distillery www.dqDistillery.com and chocolates! The owner has now started making her own treats and they are fabulous. I’ve had the pleasure of trying all of them! The lavender, mimosa, and Dulce De Leche are my top 3 favorites.

Here are a few more she’s made up:)

Bourbon Dark chocolate

Cranberry Almond

Grand Marnier

Coffee Hazelnut

Pistachio Key Lime

Cherry Almond


White Fudge Bourbon Pecan….

The list goes on and on

*This month my son has also turned the BIG 16! Where does the time go? He says he’s feeling old. LOL. Makes me wonder how he’ll feel at my age:) He’s his mothers son, so he’ll probably never really grow up.

*I will not longer be posting–Posts Revisited! Working with wordpress makes it more time consuming than it’s worth:)*

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