The Healing Power of Mumio? Week Four


Week four…

Day 22–> LOL! I found out why I’ve been congested in the mornings–Wood Smoke– Duh! Every winter and when there is controlled burns this allergy kicks up:( I use to have my allergy specialist desensitize me every time it popped up until we realized that that one allergy wouldn’t hold. We think it’s on a subconscious level. I’ve seen my town go up in flames and watched fires rage through the mountains too often in the last several years. It saddens me deeply to watch our beautiful forests turn into blackened matchsticks. This one I’m going to have to ride out.

The Mumio is said to help get rid of allergies. If I can get my immune system working correctly maybe it will. One can only hope!

It is so hard to write when your in a fog half of the time:)

Day 23–> Well this is disheartening, my whole family is sick, my bosses daughter is sick, and, of course, I’m feeling it today:( Bummer! Maybe I should move deep into the mountains and become a hermit for a year, or… at this rate I may just survive the zombie apocalypse… LOL Argh! We will see what tomorrow brings.

Day 24–> Blah!!

Day 25–> Dare I jinx myself—as soon as I hopped out of the shower my congestion disappeared. I have more energy so far today and I’m feeling more like I should be:)

Day 26 –> Still doing good, of course, I went to work yesterday and found a really sick boss, funny. The bugs are still going around, maybe this time I will be able to give it the Kung Pow Punch and keep it at a distance:)

Day 27 –>Wow, I actually slept until 6 this morning! That’s a rarity for me:) Feeling good and have more energy, yay! I hope this keeps up.

Day 28 –>29 –>30 –> Not much to report. The last few days I’ve been doing much better:0 Of course, it’s taken a months of ups and downs to get to this point, and now I have 10 days off before I need to start taking the Mumio again. I think I’m going to stick with the Mumio for a while, or maybe the rest of my life. So far this is the first thing I’ve found that has actually helped. Now if my bosses kids will get better (their sick again) things will be great.

Mumio (mumijo), mountain balsam

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