The Healing Power of Mumio? Week Two


Onto week two…

Day 8 and 9 –> I started felling much better. Great:( The people I work for kids are sick and running fevers. I see the kids almost every day. I do not need to get sick again!

Day 10 –> rolled around and I woke up congested, again!! Argh… Does this mean I’m trying to pick up the bug the kids have? I guess it doesn’t matter, half the people I know are sick all of the time too. And most are around kids 5 days a week. I want the immune system my son has! I remember those days– sick maybe once or twice a year.

Nope, not giving up on Mumio yet. I’m going to take it for the full 30 days.

Whew… Day 11 –> not congested anymore. I wonder, do bugs just bury themselves in my body until they feel the need to come out? I’m thinking that I had a little more than a sinus infection going on because I’ve been on a small rollercoaster ride of feeling good/feeling not so good. I haven’t felt as bad as I did with the sinus infection. And so far I haven’t picked up the stomach bug the kids have:) I have been breaking out a little though. Mumio to the rescue, it dries out breakouts pretty fast, without the benzoyl peroxide. I like to stick with more natural products if I can, plus I read somewhere that Mumio can be used as a face tonic. It tightens your skin, but I wouldn’t recommend any white people using it in the morning-I’m very white in the winter and it left a strange tint on my face. It would probably be best to use at night as a face tonic.

Mumio is said to have great anti-aging benefits and prolongs your life span.

Day 12 –> Felling better and have more energy. Kicking out infections is a tiring job. I’ve been wiped out by 7 o’clock on most nights, but I’m sure waking up to my husbands alarm at 4:30 in the morning hasn’t helped.

Day 13 –> Yesterday I had a lot more energy, this morning congested again… I wonder if part of it is because January has been so dry and the heater is constantly running. I did set up my humidifier last week for some moister in the house. At least my dog and I aren’t so shocking anymore:) LOL

Day 14 –> Still congested this morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon and I had more energy, not as much as yesterday:(

Mumio (mumijo), mountain balsam

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