The Healing Powers of Mumio?–Week One


I’ve decided to try a new product my friend gave me last year:)

Let me start at the beginning…My friend is from Ukraine and this is a Ukrainian product (or shipped out of Ukraine). I was over at her house one day and she was dissolving this tar like, horrible smelling stuff in some water. I asked her what it was for (she’s a great cook and I honestly couldn’t see her putting it in her food), so I was clueless.

She told me that her son had a bump on his arm that wouldn’t go away and she was going to put some on his bump with a band aide over it, well it worked! Bump gone. She also proceeded to tell me about its health benefits; apparently it’s given out to people with serious infections. Mumio kicks up the immune system and gets rid of just about any kind of infection. Hmm… she gave me a packet and I threw it into my purse, I go camping as often as possible and thought it might come in handy. I never have had to use it on my camping trips, but I have used it on my spider bites. At least once a year I get bit, mainly because I hate wearing shoes outside if the weathers nice:) I haven’t thought about the Mumio since last summer.

Last month my dog got hit with some fierce allergies and I came down with a nasty cold. I took my dog to the vet and she had me put her on omega 3’s. Of course, I was complaining to my friend, because my dog was still having a hard time getting over the allergies, and I was having a hard time getting over the cold, which may have been allergies too. Whatever was going on with me ended up in a sinus infection.

My friend handed me another packet of the Mumio and told me to give it to my dog. Okay, so, word of mouth is all fine and great, but I still had to do my research. I believed her, but still… black, smelly, bitter, tar like substance? I couldn’t find anything on the internet because I didn’t know the English name of this stuff, and I only had a silver packet, not the box, very hard to read off the back of a packet. My husband, bless his heart, was able to find it for me and my friend showed me where I could purchase it a couple of days later.

Mumio has some serious micro-nutrients in it and is also used for getting rid of allergies. I dissolved one in milk and made my dog drink it once a day for two days. She wasn’t too thrilled with the taste! But at least I got two days in her, she was perkier after the second day. I’m still giving her 3-4 omega’s a day, for a 10 year old her fur has gotten so soft, and I am going to give Mumio to her once a month. Honestly, I don’t want another puppy, I love my dog and want her to live for a long time, healthy. I have a feeling the Mumio will give her the extra nutrients she isn’t getting with dog food.

I dissolved one tar like pill for me in coconut milk, plugged my nose and drank it down (now I dissolve it in warm water). After the first few days it doesn’t taste so bitter. The directions I found on it are to take it for 25-30 days with 10 days off in between. Might as well, it seems that ever since my son started school I pick up every bug out there and I’ve been know to take up to 6 vitamins a day with no success. I’m not sure my immune system has gotten a break for close to 16 years now! The way I see it I have two options–stay sick until my son graduates or see if the Mumio works. I’ve tried other products, they’ve all been really pricey and haven’t helped much, and the Mumio won’t break the bank. The Mumio won out.

The funny thing about taking this is: After the first night drinking it my body craved more. I felt like I had been starving/denying myself from nutrients for years! Now I don’t crave it as much anymore, but that’s alright, it means my bodies getting something it needs. I start sipping on the Mumio first thing in the morning as a cup of tea and finish it by noon. I tried drinking it at night, but didn’t sleep very well the two nights I drank it. I usually get hungry about a half hour after I start drinking it, and the directions say to eat 30 minutes after taking it, so I keep a snack bar available.

Along with the sinus infection, I pick up at least two a year, I noticed a light rash on my side. The sinus infection went away within 7 days, and the rash (I applied a small amount of Mumio on that in the mornings, is almost healed! Hmm… No 10 day prescription of antibiotics? No prebiotics to take with the antibiotics? No Doctors Visit? I have read that Mumio has natural enzymes that help keep the flora in your intestinal tract alive, healthy, and active. I am now moving on to week two–I need to be healthy again for longer than a week or two at a time! As week two progresses I will post.

Mumio (mumijo), mountain balsam

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