Introducing–> Lisa Marie Gabriel

As this weeks featured Author…

I don’t have a picture or bio on her, but she has written several books. Check her out!

Angela Bradley’s marriage is on the rocks. She and husband Owen take a second honeymoon to try and remedy the situation, a trip of a lifetime to British Columbia, but little does Angela know that saving their marriage is the last thing on Owen’s mind. He has arranged to meet up with Ingrid and continue his affair. Whilst there Angela meets Berenice, an elegant widow of Italian descent, who is seeking to come to terms with her husband’s violent and tragic death. The two women seem inexplicably attracted to each other, but Berenice is older…. much, much older…. and she has an amazing secret or two up her sleeve! This Gothic romance novel flits from Renaissance Florence to the forests of modern day British Columbia as the story of the two women unfolds and Owen comes to a sticky end. It is suitable for adults 18+ to read as it deals with themes of vampirism, shape-shifting, death, and there is some adult content including straight and lesbian love scenes….

A collection of intense and descriptive poems inspired by nature, love and spiritual awakening, Love from the Ashes Seasons in the Fire was first published in 2006 and is being released in a new edition in paperback and on Kindle. The poet seeks within and exposes a freshness, honesty and vulnerability in writing that is both descriptive and musical. Written at a time of profound personal development, creative intensity and spiritual awakening, these poems will speak to hearts and minds alike.

In Remembrance of Future Present seems an odd title, doesn’t it? It comes from the poet’s sense of timelessness both in her life during the period these poems were written and also from a belief that all time coexists. These were poems written over an intense period of reflection. Written quickly and shared with love they reveal the workings of an inner self in a struggle to break free. In this new edition, you will find poems that rhyme and poems that don’t, poems that are sentimental and those that are descriptive. Above all Lisa’s poems display an honesty and a vulnerability together with a musicality that speaks directly to the reader.

“I am told I am old-fashioned, that my poems speak of a bygone age. I prefer to think of them as timeless? When we go within and the heart speaks perhaps it will speak a language that resonates with a time past or perhaps a time future. All I know is that I wrote myself a path out of my own personal darkness….”

An analysis of Vaughan Williams work. Part One is an analysis of the songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams, with musical examples as illustrations and is followed by Part Two, an analysis of On Wenlock Edge, a revolutionary piece of music in its time.

“”Even now we’re One Inseparable by Oceans in our bliss A whisper of the Romantic In the Eye of God…”” The first step to freedom, happiness and full self-actualization is to love ourselves with total acceptance. Without making that step we are not fully capable of loving others. This poetry is about awakening to Love. It is about full acceptance and the abundance that follows….

The Cat the Bat and the Burglar

In an era of computers, it is rare to come across truly individual picture books. The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar is a beautifully hand illustrated work by writer and artist Colin Edward Mason. He is both the author, calligapher and illustrator of this delightful book. The Cat the Bat and the Burglar draws its inspiration from illuminated manuscripts and Victorian cautionary rhymes to produce an adorable tale in verse that will delight readers of all ages. Now published for the first time on Kindle by the Realm of Photahsiamirabel, Colin hopes you will enjoy this, his first complete illustrated story. The Cat, the Bat and the Burglar is also available from Amazon in US Trade paperback and from Lulu in larger hardback and A4 comic book formats. Please be aware that illustrations are all in full colour on most devices, but some, like the older traditional Kindle and Paperwhite, will only reproduce in black and white/greyscale.

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