Why I may no longer use KDP Select…

Amazon leaves me with the feeling that I am strapped into a straight jacket with no way to get out. KDP Select used to be a great option to get my books out there and noticed? Maybe? But I don’t really feel that way anymore. I feel like they have tied up my wings and I am to constricted to fly. Books should be able to be on all platforms and authors should be able to chose if they would like to put there books up for free on any and/or all platforms whenever they want — not just Amazon on certain dates — only 5 days for 3 months — and only allowed if Amazon is the only platform the authors book is on.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really have anything against Amazon and I like downloading free books (I’ve picked up several from Smashwords), if I know I’m going to read them. (I have a fairly big library going) But I also have bought books, and, of course, I hit up the library too. The library is an awesome place to visit!

Why keep all of my eggs in one basket? I know Amazon has a large reach, with millions of books to choose from, but not everyone has a Kindle, some love their ipads. And some, like me can’t stand trying to find other software to covert one file into another. I feel like I have better things to do with my time than mess with something I’m not certain I really want to. Or maybe with all of this new technology I would like to keep my life a simple as possible? And everyone else’s. Keeping to one platform doesn’t help me grow as an author, and it makes other peoples life miserable; especially if they want to buy your book via Barnes & Noble but can’t, because you don’t offer your book on B&N.  I know several people who only buy through B&N….

Maybe when my new YA book comes out I’ll use KDP Select — Big Maybe — but until then I am in the process of getting Blake and Sterling into Smashwords and B&N. Hopefully in the near future I will also have them in print:)

As far as giving away free books is concerned, there are so many authors going that route now-a-days. I have seen my books climb on the Amazon platform when they are free only to drop again once the free days are over. I haven’t had much luck with getting reviews, good or bad, from the giveaways and now that I am back to working a full time job I no longer have the time or patience to promote free books.

My life has been a whirl wind of overtime, leaky roofs, dealing with contractors, high school homework, still trying to unpack and so on…. I barely have the energy to blog and write. Though I stick these into my schedule as often as possible, it’s been sporadic at best. But at least I’m still making headway or LOL a progressively slow process uphill.

Having my books a several different platforms and having the time to write are my biggest priorities as an author right now.

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