Will the Grinch Steal Christmas?


So frustrating, time flew by and I still haven’t got all of my x-mas shopping done, work, work, work!! I have to pay the bills.

My husband works the morning shift now and leaves at 5am, my son goes to school at 7am. I have a later schedule, so when I get home at night I only have a couple of hours to hang out with my family before my husband goes to bed, plus I’ve been working weekends.

What normally is my writing time has been eaten up by steam cleaning the carpets (I have a dog and a cat and a friend of mine has a new puppy that lives at our house 1/2 time due to his working double shifts– not to mention my dog has an on again off again boyfriend that comes to visit once in a while), shopping, and many other items on my list I have put off.

My ceiling is leaking in three different places now and the roofer can’t fix my roof until the middle of January:(  State Farm was one of those items on the list and still is. I have a feeling I’ll be sitting in their office again.

I’m committed to cooking x-mas eve dinner and I still have gift wrapping to do… Yes, I am overwhelmed and took on too much this year, besides I am No Chef. I’m not very fond of the art of cooking. If I had my way I’d take a nutrition pill everyday and Not cook. Well, except for bacon-I Love bacon! Has anyone come out with a nutrition pill that fills you up yet? Wish me luck with the dinner.

To top everything off I’m still trying to fine tune Blake before the book goes to print, I’ve been working on my YA Novel and writing some short stories in my extra spare time at work, which hasn’t been much.

Phew, I can knock mailing x-mas cards and gifts off the list:)

There are some days the Grinchy green wants to show and those are normally the days I would like to hide my head under the blankets and not get out of bed. I’m almost ready for this year to be over, past ready for my roof to be fixed and Blake to be printed. The roofing business is booming. I’ve been waiting for the roofers for 4 months now, that’s how much damage the hail storms did over the summer and the gaping hole in my bedroom ceiling doesn’t keep the cold out and can’t be fixed until the roof is. 

That’s it for now… This rant has made me feel much better. Thank You all for listening and Grinchy/Merry… Merry/Grinchy Christmas!!!

Clip Art from http://allthingsclipart.com/the.grinch.clipart.htm

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